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JavaScript Slideshow
With JavaScript Slideshow you can enable your webpage to display a wonderful portrait slide show. The script is highly efficient as the pictures are loaded very fast due to two different formats that the script uses to load the slide ...
December 18th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
Exiscan Clam Exim Autoinstaller
This is an essential tool for every system administrator and for every webmaster which helps them to track the virus in an incoming email message and demolish them with bounced messages for security. With the help of this utility the ...
December 18th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
Now, Internet Content Administrators have a single integrated solution for password protecting streaming video/audio as well as website membership areas. VideoQuota allows you to protect WMS media files as well as IIS directories from a single, integrated application control panel. ...
December 16th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Form-based or 100% cookie-free "Basic Authentication" website protection while keeping your NT Users Names and Passwords private. Protect all files, not just ASP pages. Validate against internal database, text file or external ODBC datasource. Webmasters love AuthentiX. /
December 15th 2005 Commercial     
Flicks Software releases Version 2 of OCXMail. Version 2 permits attachments. 2.3 includes improvements for Express, Exchange and Netscape Communicator 4.04 email clients. / 2.4 includes the SendX function which allows blind-copies, mail-priority, receipt-requested and more! / 2.5 accomodates Microsoft ...
December 3rd 2005 Commercial  3 stars  
Email Resolver
You want visitors to sign up for your website, but you don't want bogus email addresses filling up your database... / Flicks Software's EmailResolver allows you to validate email addresses much more effectively than simple syntax checking. / You want ...
November 30th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  

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