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ASP Calendar - Digital Interchange

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Digital Interchange
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ASP Calendar - Digital Interchange description

The Digital Interchange calendar allows organizations to easily maintain an updated database of events on a website and optionally take online registrations for those events. Fully configurable, the calendar can be setup to work for your organization whether you are a small business, and enterprise, or a non-profit. The DI Calendar comes complete with our easy install script that can get you up and running within minutes after downloading. In addition, the calendar is built in such a way that you'll be able to easily wrap your existing website design template around the calendar pages for seamless integration into your website. The DI Calendar allows you to easily take online registrations for your events. With customizable registration options including cost and free events, prices tiers, late fees, max attendance, and automated confirmation emails, you'll have a full feature events registration system right on your website. Even more, built-in inetgration will allow you to accept online credit card payments for events ( account required). The DI Calendar comes complete with name-tag and attendee list export features and even allows you to mass email your event attendees with information or updates on the event. Small organizations will benefit from the simple public calendar display page and the easy to use web-based administration pages. You'll be able to add single day events or recurring events to your online calendar. In addition, the DI Calendar enables you to allow visitors to your website to contribute events to the calendar. Upon your approval, the visitor contributed events will be shown on the live calendar. If you have a large organization and are looking to deploy a web-based events management system, you can use the DI Calendar to distribute events management and calendar updating responsibilities to a variety of individuals or departments. With a full featured user permissions system, you'll be able to authorize certain individuals to specific priviledges over specified divisions on your calendar.Our software is so easy most people can effectively use the calendar without any training. The functionality of the backend administration gives you great control over keeping your calendar up to date and your attendees informed.Some of the calendar features include Easy Backend Administration, Effortlessly create and manage events. Share your schedule with your visitors. Have as many different calendar divisions as you want. Extensive user management. Create, and effectivly manage event registrations. A web installer to help you setup the calendar on your server With every Digital Interchange purchase comes unlimited phone and email support to help you make the most of your website. Our support staff is available durring regular business hours year round. You can find our product support information on the support page here

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