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Active X SMS

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Active X SMS is a Windows compatible script The SimplewireO SMS Software Development Kit offers a quick, seamless, turnkey approach to developing wireless applications. With ActiveX, Java, Perl, PHP, and Shared Object versions, Simplewire offers a solution for developers on nearly any platform or operating system. The Simplewire SMS Software Development Kit, operating in conjunction with the SimplewireO Wireless Messaging Network, allows developers to easily embed wireless messaging capabilities into any application. The SimplewireO Developer Program offers you the opportunity to develop and quality-assure your application before using it commercially. The program is free of charge and provides wireless development tools, such as a virtual phone and a virtual inbox, to help you get started. In addition, users may send live messages to North American mobile devices. Sign up, download the Software Development Kits that interest you, and begin creating your wireless messaging application today! The Simplewire Knowledge Base is the definitive location in which to find technical documentation regarding Simplewirels products and services. All technical articles, manuals and white papers can be downloaded from this section. In addition, reference materials such as carrier IDls and international calling codes, may be found here. Code Central is the ultimate resource for information regarding integration of Simplewirels products and services into your existing code. The section gives examples of code originated by Simplewirels staff, as well as examples contributed by other users. Code Central is also the place to request a code example to meet your specific needs.

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