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Visual WebGui is an open source rapid application development framework for graphic user interfaces of IT web applications. Visual WebGui lets you cut down development time and risk factors to the minimum, throughout the life cycle of the application, without compromising on performance, security or complexity.

Visual WebGui is the only framework that provides seamless integration to Visual Studio and the .NET framework to replace the obsolete paradigms of ASP.NET in both design-time and run-time. Visual WebGui offering is unique and not more of the same (150 AJAX frameworks)! Visual WebGui replaces all of the ASP.NET methodologies which were designed for developing sites, with WinForms methodologies, which were designed for developing applications.

To demonstrate one of the differences, Visual WebGui is the only framework that is provided with a designer that was designed for application interfaces (WinForms designer) instead of a word documents (ASP.NET designer). This provides the developer with an extremely efficient way to design interfaces using drag and drop instead of hand coding HTML layouts.

This results in unprecedented simplicity and productivity in creating complex web IT applications. What Visual WebGui is not?

Visual WebGui is not a component library – It is a complete revised approach to developing web applications.

Visual WebGui is not a JavaScript generator – It runs on the server controlling the browser using a small static JavaScript kernel.

Visual WebGui is not for developing sites – It was designed to provide for developing IT web applications GUIs.
Visual WebGui is not a closed / locked-in framework – It has many extensibility features, which allow integration of legacy resources (ASP.NET or DHTML resources) and the development of custom controls and behaviors.Visual WebGui Benefits…

User-Friendly – Visual WebGui was designed to be the next VB6 for the web. Simple to program, simple to deploy. With a full WinForms API and design time support you can start developing complex AJAX applications in seconds with no web know-how.

Secured – Visual WebGui was designed to provide for military grade secured AJAX applications by eliminating client side service consumption and business logic processing using an empty client concept. The browser is used as a looking glass to the server that runs the application.

Productive – With full WinForms API and design time support, Visual WebGui is almost as productive as R.A.D. platforms without limiting your options. Debug your application the same way you would debug any .NET application free of script debugging nightmares.

Powerful – Visual WebGui was designed to support enterprise class applications with unlimited complexity supported by full object oriented programming. Using our unique AJAX transport, Visual WebGui applications consume 1% of bandwidth compared to any alternative AJAX framework.

Feature-Rich – Visual WebGui contains most of WinForm's components including non trivial implementations of controls such as the PropertyGrid that provides a simple way to edit live objects.
Easily Installed – Visual WebGui comes with a simple installation that will get you started on developing your AJAX application in no time. Visual WebGui's toolbox and templates are integrated into Visual Studio so they are always available.

Localized – Visual WebGui includes full .NET and WinForms multi-language localization support which allows you to localize your application in the designer the same way you localize a WinForms application.

Open Source – Visual WebGui SDK is provided free, as open-source software, and licensed under a standard LGPL agreement. It allows individuals to do whatever they wish with the application framework, both commercially and non-commercially.

Cutting-Edge – Visual WebGui provides the developer with full object oriented .NET support allowing utilization of all the .NET capabilities including reflection, generics and more. This is enabled by a unique architecture that provides an alternative HTTP processing pipeline that does not include serializing JavaScript.

Extensible – Visual WebGui is provided with many customization and extensibility features including custom control creation, theme creation and gateways.

Interopable – As an extension to ASP.NET, Visual WebGui can also interact with standard ASP.NET pages hosting them within your Visual WebGui application or calling Visual WebGui dialogs and forms from your ASP.NET code.

Visual WebGui's roadmap includes…

Mono deployment - Allowing your Visual WebGui application to run on non Microsoft servers (Visual WebGui for .NET 1.1 is already compatible with mono).

Legacy to web – Migrating WinForms or VB6 applications to web with out rewriting your application.

Dual mode deployment – Deploy your Visual WebGui application as a desktop application or a web application enjoying the best of both worlds.
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