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VoIP Enterprise SDK

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VoIP Enterprise SDK description

Our conaito VoIP Enterprise SDK (Software Development Kit) is an ultimate developer tool for implementing VoIP - (P2P telephony and conferences via The Internet protocol) and messaging applications (text-based chat) which can also be integrated into websites. With the SDK it is possible to achieve worldwide voice and text communications over the Internet or internal networks. The conaito VoIP Enterprise SDK provides everything necessary to develop both server and client applications. The common problem of achieving a connection between two participants, who are behinda NAT (router), no longer exists with conaito because of the integrated conaito "Hole Punching" technology. This SDK supports anything from a simple one-to-one simple voice messenger to a complex multi-participant online community.A highlight of this SDK is the selectable voice stream engine which enables the developer to implement systems which provide the option of whether the server or several clients should manage this task. There is even a mixed mode where this can be managed by both in response to user circumstances. The engine, which is programmed in C , offers optimised performance and capability. We give particular emphasis to technological quality and dependability so that the conaito VoIP Enterprise SDK can be integrated in any specific application or an application can be based entirely on the conaito VoIP Enterprise SDK examples provided.Key features of the conaito VoIP Enterprise SDK - VAD (Voice Activity Detection) – when enabled this feature begins to send voice data only when people speak. The sensitivity can be adjusted and silence duration can be set using a timeout since the last detected voice activity on the microphone. - Cryptography (BLOW FISH) - components send and receive encrypted voice and text data over the Internet. Conaito VoIP components encrypt outbound data and decrypt received data. When enabled, this provides very secure conferencing links. - Voice Recording - is another very important feature which comes with conaito VoIP components. This enables the recording of conversations during sessions (conversations or multi-participant conferencing). Use is made of wave (.wav) files which can then be stored and played back later. - New server methods include Block/Unblock/Kick off Clients as well as set Client connection number limits - Dynamic MFC LIB added in Server and Client SDK - Dynamic MFC LIB (Microsoft Foundation Class Libraries) have been added to the Server and Client SDK - A new conaito VoIP Web-based example demonstration is included - Full Duplex, with ability to select P2P (Peer-to-Peer)/ or via Server (Proxy) VoIP (voice stream is either sent directly or via server (via Proxy)) - multi-participant conferences - NAT - (Router) & Firewall friendly because of conaito "Hole Punching" technology - Extended text messages, including "whispering" function for chat applications - Microphone & Speaker volume control with Mic-Boost-Activation (microphone amplification) - User status control (participant available, not available, busy) - Register function at the server (including use of optional additional data on a selective basis) - Listing of participants, servers and clients (including optional data on selective basis) - Server messaging, like sending text messages to user - Bound Data Control (Data flow control) - Build-In Auto Voice Lag Controller - 2 SDK versions (Server SDK and Client SDK) are available - Works with all kinds of Internet connections - Microsoft Authenticode Certificate - Royalty free licensing - No Yearly/Monthly fee - Very easy to incorporate

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