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Do you process email? Do you have a newsletter and need to process bounce backs or NDRs (Non-Deliverable Receipts)? Do you need to build a custom interface for email access? Do you need to programmatically access email messages, or its attachments, embedded images, headers, or different parts of an email/MIME message? Then aspNetMime is for you.aspNetMime can satisfy all of these requirements and more. aspNetMime is a server-side component that can be used to access any email MIME message. aspNetMime parses messages and allows you to programmatically access any part, or header, of the message effortlessly and easily. Features: - Built in Synchronous and Asynchronous DNS Blacklist (DNSbl) Support for Spam Checking - Increased 8 Bit Mime parsing support - Added Delayed Delete capability - Added better support for dropped POP3 connections. - Added automatic HTML to Plain Text format conversion utility. - Better Email Address parsing for the Email Headers - Additional features for parsing Mime Streams, Files and Text - Faster Quoted Printable decoding routine. - Better support for improperly formatted Mime messages - Better Characterset matching - Better Support for Macintosh emails - Better Support for Lyris management - Better Support for SQL Server stored emails. - Better and Faster Quoted Printable parsing - Supports Case Insensitve Header Searches - Checks for Illegal Filename Extensions - Faster MimePart Boundary Parsing - Better Support for NDRs - Better Support for Attached Messages - Better 8Bit Message Support - Added More Encoding/Decoding Options - Better DateTime Parsing - Access attachments found in the email - Stream attachments to browsers - Write attachments to any stream - Access headers - Access to the TO email addresses - Access the CC email addresses - Access the subject of an email - Access different body parts (TEXT and/or HTML) - Decode Body Parts - Decode Quoted-Printable and base64 formats - Determine the Content-Type of a message - Access embedded images - Stream embedded images to the browser - Write embedded images to any stream - Access the Reply-To of a message - Access the Priority of a message - Access any X-Header - Save messages to a file - Save attachments to a file - Save embedded images to a file - Any many more.

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