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Michael Manousos
license: Free
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
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asterisk-oh323 description
The "asterisk-oh323" package adds H.323 support to the ASTERISK soft PBX. This is achieved by interfacing the OpenH323 library to ASTERISK through an appropriate channel driver (loadable ASTERISK module).The package provides the channel driver as well as a wrapper, in a shared library form, which incarnates the bridge between the C implementation of the OpenH323 library and the C implemented ASTERISK.This software is still under development and improvement towards a stable and full featured software, but it works without many problems. In the current state asterisk-oh323 is able to initiate/receive calls to/from H.323 endpoints. It has been successfully tested with all the H.323 terminals offered by the OpenH323 site (ohphone, openphone), Gnomemeeting, Microsoft Netmeeting, various Cisco routers, Snom phones and many software H.323 IP phones.
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Win All, BSD, Solaris
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