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MyDNS description
MyDNS is a free DNS server for UNIX. It was implemented from scratch and is designed to serve records directly from an SQL database (currently either MySQL or PostgreSQL).
Its primary objectives are stability, security, interoperability, and speed, though not necessarily in that order.
MyDNS does not include recursive name service, nor a resolver library. It is primarily designed for organizations with many zones and/or resource records who desire the ability to perform real-time dynamic updates on their DNS data via MySQL.
MyDNS starts and is ready to answer questions immediately, no matter how much DNS data you have in the database. It is very fast and memory-efficient. It includes complete documentation, including a manual and a FAQ.
MyDNS supports a few frills, including round robin DNS, dynamic load balancing, and outgoing AXFR for non-MyDNS nameservers.
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