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minimum requirements: C/C++
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ImgSource description
ImgSource is a Win32 library that can be used in any 32-bit Windows environment. It provides over 350 image file and image processing functions and is available as a DLL that can be used from almost any programming environment (including C/C , VB, C#, MC , PowerBasic, Delphi, Access, and many more). It is also available in C/C static library form for use with C/C in VC6 or VS.Net. Features:Image File Functions - Read images from files or memory. - Write image to files or memory. - Supports user-defined input and output managers - the ultimate in I/O flexibility - Optionally read and write most supported image file formats one line-at-a-time. - Read to a DIB in one function call - Get image dimensions and bit-depth from image files - Progress / cancel callback option provided for most file I/O routines and image processing options. - Supports JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PhotoCD, Photoshop, WBMP, PNG, PCX, PAX, TLA, WMF, EMF, APM, PPM, PGM, PBM and TGA - JPG, PNG, PAX and TLA comment support - Multi-page TIFF I/O capabilities - Animated GIF I/O capabilities - JPEG_APPx marker support - Read EXIF data from JPGs and TIFFs - Write EXIF data to JPG - Read and write ICC profile data from JPG, PNG, TIFF - Read and write IPTC data from JPG, TIFF - Lossless JPG transformations - Read/write 1-bit G3/G4 (FAX) TIFFs - Custom memory allocation callbacks for image file reading Windows Bitmap Functions - Generate HBITMAPs from RGB buffers - Generate RGB buffers from HBITMAPs - Generate 8-bit and RGB buffers from DIBs - Generate DIBs from RGB, 8 or 1-bit images - Draw HBITMAP, DIB, RGB, RGBA or 8-bit images to an HDC in one call - Capture DCs to RGB buffers in one call - Draw transparent HBITMAP or RGBA or RGB images Image Processing Functions - Resize an image to any size - Apply an arbitrary convolution matrix to an image - Sharpen, blur and unsharp mask an image - Rotate an image, any angle - Detect image rotation (deskew) angle - Adaptive thresholding for converting grayscale to monochrome - Polygon and ellipse fill, flood fill or draw lines onto images - Apply a look up table (LUT) to an image - Generate grayscale images from RGB images - Generate 8-bit colormapped images from 24-bit RGB or 32-bit RGBA images (color quantize) - Convert between 24-bit and 8-bit images - Using any palette, generate an 8-bit image from an RGB image - Convert between 16-bit per component and 8-bit per component - Modify brightness / contrast / saturation of an image - Automagic brightness correction - Automagic image border detection - Automatic dust and scratch removal - Emboss images - Polygon warp and point to point warp functions - FFT and morphological operations - Despeckle grayscale and RGB images - Histogram stretch / equalization - Many alpha blending and image compositing/overlay functions - Crop images - Vertically and horizontally flip buffers - Count colors in RGB images - Draw smoothed text onto images - Replace a color in an RGB image - Many of these functions can be used with 16-bit per component data The DLL download package includes: - _ISource40.dll - the DLL version of the image library. For unregistered users, all images read and written will have a large red X drawn on them, and some library functionality may be disabled. - _ISource40.lib - the library file, used for static linking of the DLL - ISource.H - the main C/C header file - ISDemo.exe - an application that demonstrates many of ImgSource's image processing functions - ISSimpleViewer.exe - a simple image viewer using ImgSource - - VC6 source for the ISDemo application - VC6 source for the ISSimpleViewer application - - VC6 source that demonstrates a C wrapper class (CISImageEx) in an MDI application - ImgSource.rtf - reference file - (also contains the ImgSource license statement)
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