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Autoresponder and Mailing List Manager Pro description
The Autoresponder and Mailing List Manager AMLM Pro is a powerful autoresponder and mailing list management software that is reliable, powerful, easy to setup and affordable. The Autoresponder and Mailing List Manager (AMLM) Pro is a very specialized mailing list software. In short, it is an email autoresponder software as well as a mailing list management software. It combines the best features of two different software into one. You can create unlimited email messages, which are automatically sent out to the subscribers of your mailing list at different time intervals. The script allows you to create and assign an autoresponder to a mailing list, so when someone sends an email to the autoresponder, they are automatically added to the mailing list, and follow-up begins at predetermined intervals. Tons of features are included with this powerful script such as: multiple autoresponders, multiple mailing lists, multiple domains, personalized followup messages, scheduled mailings, double opt-in, email duplication check, unsubscribe link, link tracking system, unlimited custom fields, multiple file attachments, powerful mySQL database, easy-to-use interface, plus much more. Main Features: - Easy to manage all-in-one autoresponder and mailer console.  - Setup multiple mailing lists with their own responders.  - POP3 activated signups with responders.  - Multiple auto responders with unlimited follow-up mailings.  - Personalized follow-up messages.  - Unlimited custom fields.  - Ability to send broadcast newsletter.  - Ability to schedule one-time mailings for a specific date.  - Multiple file attachments.  - Clone-able account setup, copying all essential data into a new account. - Ability to automatically and manually copy users data from one list to another.  - Ability to automatically subscribe or unsubscribe prospects from multiple accounts.  - Create autoresponders with your own domain name inside.  - Setup responders on multiple domain names.  - Written in Perl with poweful mySQL database.  - Can support huge mailing list.  - Set the number of messages sent to within your mail server's permissible limit.  - Ability to subscribe via web form and email.  - Generate HTML signup form.  - Automatic subscription.  - One-click unsubscribe.  - Ability to add, remove or modify subscriber details.  - Double opt-in.  - Ban email list for competitors.  - Send messages in HTML or text formats  - Build-in message editor.  - Option to set default subscriber name.  - Option to use different character set.  - Webpage redirect feature.  - Time synchronization.  - Sending via sendmail or SMTP.  - Sending with or without CRON.  - Sending via multiple concurrent processes.  - Test sending.  - Handle bounced emails.  - Add undeliverables to blacklist.  - Option to remove emails after certain no. of hard and soft bounces.  - Click-through link tracking.  - General autoresponder statistics.  - Email daily broadcaster statistics.  - Broadcaster activity and progress logs.  - Optional email notification about signup and unsubscribes.  - Subscribe manager showing name, email and messages sent.  - User friendly browser interface.  - Easy web based installation.  - Remove duplicated emails.  - Import and export subscriber database.  - XML import or export tool.  - Backup and restore database. Requirements: · MySQL (at least 3.23) · Perl 5.005 or greater with your own CGI-BIN · FTP access for installing and configuring the script · Sendmail, Qmail, or SMTP
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