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Postcard Direct is different to all other postcard systems because it sends the postcard directly to the recipient. That means there is no database to maintain and no postcards to "pick up". Most other postcard systems:Make the recipient access a web site and use some complicated random ticket number to view the postcard. Too bad if the web site is down, the recipient has been on holiday for a while and the postcard has expired or if they have email access only.- Store all your postcards in a database.- Make you fill out multiple pages before you get to send the postcard. Most users just want to select a card, type in a message and receipient and then send it off. Having hundreds of options is fine if you have plenty of spare time to fill out all the forms.- Note that Postcard Direct supports a "traditional" mode if you want to use the store/pickup method. For flash and java cards, this is the most reliable method as there are too many restrictions and incompatibilities in email clients to support these types.Postcard Direct has been designed and tested to run on Unix, Windows and Mac systems. It will probably run on other operating systems that support Perl.Features:- Sends the image and midi file direct to the recipient through MIME encoded mail.- It can handle remote images (from sites you authorise) to be used as postcards.- Allows the user to upload their own image to use as a postcard.- Postcards can be sent at a later date.- Handles any type of multimedia object you want to include in your postcard, eg: Flash, RealAudio, MP3, Quicktime etc- Full multi-lingual support.- Fully customisable through HTML templates. Every page from the input form through to the sending page is separate from the script, so that your web designers don't have to hack any perl code. Comes with many predefined templates from java cards through to cards where you can select colours.- Has a very strict email address checker to reduce the likelyhood of misuse and typos.- Allows a set of checks for banned email addresses and/or bad words in the postcard message.- Supports as many postcard designs as you want to define.- Keeps a full log of all postcards sent allowing you to see which features and options are most popular and to better tailor the design for the users needs.- Multiple recipients can be specified and a bcc option is available.- The sender can select whether to receive a copy of the card.- Read confirmation for all card types.- Include files can be specified to pull in set chunks of text like poems.- Freeform fields allow the easy extension of the templates for specific purposes, eg: colour selection.- Has an easy to use admin interface to edit all templates and generate usage reports.
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