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Download Monitor Pro

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Download Monitor Pro description

Track file downloads on your web site with ease. Counts and provides detailed download statistics with graphs for an unlimited number of files. Also comes with autoresponders, built in mailer and mailing list subscription capabilities so that you can email the users who downloaded your software/downloads so that they can be informed of updates/changes or new releases. You can also for example have users subscribe to your newsletter at the same time they download files. Comes with a comprehensive user friendly web control panel and web based setup interface for easy installation.

Will support an unlimited number of files. It will track downloads for any number of files.
Comes with a comprehensive Control Panel that has been designed to be self-explanatory.
Extremely easy to use. Provides you with HTML code that you can place in any web pages where you would like your files to be downloaded.
Extra information can be collected from visitors downloading files. (Like telephone numbers, addresses, names, comments, etc.) - This can be viewed at any time.
Comes with Auto-Responder (optional) where you can send email to visitors who downloaded files. The email sent to visitors can be customized with custom wording for any downloads.
Has subscriber functionality where visitors can choose to subscribe to your newsletter for example when downloading a file. Visitors can also unsubscribe at any time in the future.
Comes with a mailer to send email to visitors who downloaded files in the past. The mailer can also be configured to send email to visitors who have chosen to subscribe to your newsletter when downloading a file.
Comes with detailed statistics and graphs of files that has been downloaded.
Many more...

Download Monitor - Website Monitor - Monitoring - Download Counter - Download Statistics
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