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xFlow v5.x

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important script information
company name:
Envex Developments
license: Commercial
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
xFlow v5.x description

The xFlow is a fully customizable, automated membership management software, which provides full genealogy tracking for recycling matrix, X-Up, Uni-level, and other plan types for any size MLM or Affiliate business. It has an integrated transaction and payment systems with support for 28+ processors, notification, trigger and privilege systems allowing for more power and flexibility. It comes with several modules: User Name Generator, Block Replicator, Shopping Cart, Support System, Home Page Rotator and the unique EFI, which allows you to instantly transfer your existing database into the xFlow. Subdomain replication and easy database transfer from your old membership management software (Plexum, DH Software, etc.) are also available. The license includes the following: FREE installation by our professional support team, FREE software updates for life, ALL modules, and variable amounts of Customer Support through our unique Customer Service Account.The xFlow is capable of handling any size membership database, and it is the most customizable application in the industry today. Your full SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED or your money back. Try our online demo, see our online tour, read the online documentation, and browse our Knowledge Base to see why business owners have been relying on the xFlow for more than 5 years.

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supported os
Linux - Unix - Windows
downloads 136
price $400
version V.46
size in Kb
user rating 1/10
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