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jrMosaic description
The jrMosaic shows or hides a given picture and reconstructs the colors according to your settings. Each of the color dots will be interactive and animated, meaning that your picture has turned into an entertainment hub for your visitors and marketing purposes. The dots can have several shapes and transparencies. The picture is playing a hide and seek game with the site visitor. On the one hand the amount of dots is slowly increasing and people can discover more dots by rolling their mouse over a shown dot to reveal its neighbors. On the other hand the picture will be hidden because the dot scale would be increased and hide other dots again until they settle and return to their default size. You have the choice to also show the original picture and have full control over when that should happen: immediately or later time based, on top or behind the dots, only when clicked or as long as mouse is down. And this mouse interaction is a good excuse to hide a target link in the dots. When clicked people will visit your next page. This one component has so many variables that it will serve as a picture loader, a quiz element, a captcha, a game, a visual effect, an attention grabber, a banner enhancer and a marketing tool.

This component is for Flash 8 / Flash CS 3 / ActionScript 2.0
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