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important script information
company name:
S. Pognant
license: Free
minimum requirements: java
functional limitations:
FFMQ Script description
The Java Message Service (JMS) is a messaging system that allows application components based on the J2EE platforms to create, save, send, receive, and read messages.FFMQ internally follows the JMS 1.1 object model. This is a main difference with most other implementations that use their own proprietary model, providing JMS through wrappers.Achieved CPU consumption is pretty low, even in high throughput/ high concurrency scenarios.Reliable persistence is achieved through an internal - per queue - synchronous block-file based I/O system, providing high performance figures.Installation:Server Side - Unpack the distributionClient Side - On the client-side, the ffmq-core.jar will be needed in the classpath. Those jars are in the lib/ directory of the server package.Here are some key features of "FFMQ":dlTE JMS 1.1 compliantdlTE Full-java 1.4 implementationdlTE JMX support to monitor queues and topicsdlTE SSL support for remote connectionsdlTE Tuned TCP-based network protocol and fail-safe persistence layerdlTE Template-based destination definitionsdlTE Destination auto-creation using pattern-matchingLimitations:dlTE The following optional JMS operations are not yet implemented:dlTE ConnectionConsumers and DurableConnectionConsumersdlTE Session MessageListenerdlTE XAConnections
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Win All, BSD, Solaris
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version 1.2.5
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