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minimum requirements: Java
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WebWork description
It was was built to provide robust support for building reusable UI templates such as form controls, internationalization, dynamic form parameter mapping to JavaBeans, robust client and server side validation, UI themes, etc.

It's usefull especifically for developers who look for code simplicity.

This distribution contains the basic files needed to build a personalized version of WebWork. The ant script, build.xml, a "jar" task that can be launched to create a webwork .jar.

The only thing that must be done before hand is to set up the proper jars in the ANT_HOME/lib directory.
What's New in This Release:

Remote form bug for multipart enctype ,(upload file ..)
Action redirect when using <ww:submit type="image" .../>
webwork tag attribute should take js escaping into account
xwork configuration fails to configure when using net.sf.saxon.TransformerFactoryImpl as the javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory function name cause problem when contains forbidden characters
IE not friendly to SSL headers in JasperReportsResult
IE Dojo innerHTML
Pagination issue
Missing blank in submit-ajax.ftl
webwork 2.1.7 is not compatible to use tooltip
Startup listener throws NPE when Object Factory is not configured in
DatePicker Script Url problem
ChainingInterceptor does not properly parse the incoming included or excluded methods
datepicker.ftl simple theme
RestfulActionMapper getMapping and getUriFromMapping methods conflicts
URL and Form Tag doesn't generate url properly when using ActionMapper other that DefaultActionMapper like RestfulActionMapper
Unit test fail randomly on different boxes
Maven pom.xml is using "com.opensymphony" as the groupId, it should be "opensymphony"
m2 build leaves all the html widgets out of jar
Unexpected behavior in Firefox with <ww:hidden> tag and ajax validation
FastByteArrayOutputStream has an encoding bug
RestfulActionMapper should return null for both getMapping(HttpServletRequest) and getUrlFromActionMapping(ActionMapping) method when it cannot handle the situation
template tags in velocity even without prior action execution
Support ContextLoaderServlet for WebWorkSpringObjectFactory
Enable Spring Object Factory to be configured via init-param
Parameterizing i18n messages
Add JSON result
Handling of unchecked checkboxes
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