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license: Shareware
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HanengCharts for Script description
HanengCharts lets you easily add customized, dynamic, interactive charts to your website, intranet or web application at a very reasonable price.Features:Quick and Easy to ImplementHanengCharts was designed from the ground up to be quick and very easy to use. There is no software to be installed on the server, simply upload a singel file to your website and add some HTML to your web page and you are done! Since each chart is created in the user's browser there is no CPU or memory load on your server machine improving the scalability of your site.Easy for your UsersSince all modern browsers support Java (the technology used by HanengCharts) there are are no plug-ins or other software needed by your users to see the charts.HanengCharts works on all the major browsers (including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari) and thanks to the platform independent nature of Java it will work on all platforms as well (including PC, Mac, Linux and UNIX). It's small size of only 78K (0.078MB) allows for fast loading and display no matter what type of connection speed your site's users may have.Dynamic Charts based on Live DataNot only can you easily create static charts with HanengCharts, you can also create charts based on live data!With HanengCharts, the live data can be from just about any data source accessed by any HTML generating technology (Examples: ASP, PHP, JSP, CGI, Perl, ColdFusion). HanengCharts works of course perfectly with regular static HTML as well. Our detailed White papers, found in the Developers Zone can help you step-by-step, to construct the best charts for your needs.CustomizableIt is critical that each chart display your data in a manner that most suits your needs:- HanengCharts are resizable to fit your pages.- HanengCharts allow customizable colors for the background, active, text, grid and etc.- HanengCharts allow custom font size and type.- HanengCharts supports unlimited values- HanengCharts supports unlimited data sets- HanengCharts supports decimal numbers- HanengCharts supports negative numbers- HanengCharts allow custom axis labels and chart title- HanengCharts allow custom postfix and prefix texts- HanengCharts allow custom mouse over label and link for each item (pie slice, bar etc.)
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supported os
Win All, BSD, Solaris
downloads 5
price $399
version 1.1
size in Kb 133
user rating 5/10
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