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Hermann Woehrmann
license: Shareware
minimum requirements: No special requirements.
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IProMonitor description
IProMonitor is a multilingual client / server project management software for project planning and project tracking. Provided with an easy to operate time recording facility this is a tool for executives to consider all commercial profit aspects of a project, and based on the EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) standard, this multi-project system is multi-user-, intranet- and internet-capable. Project progress is measured by means of the related objectives time, costs and results and considers these objectives in an integrated manner by comparing estimated and actual values. To achieve your project objectives this software can be used * global as a multiuser WEB based systen, and * international staffed, because it is multilingual.All functions of this multiuser project management system are accessible from an integrated user interface, and the labeling of all the control elements is multilingual, i.e., in the language of the currend user.The navigation area on the left side contains the tree structures of the currently loaded projects. The dialog area on the upper right side houses all editing dialogs of this system, and the output area on the lower right side displays the application-internal information of this software. The time spent by the members while working on the project will be booked from the records produced with this Time Recording dialog and thus it is the basis for the commercial success assessment of the project.The surface of this Time Recording dialog is separated into the work package selection table in the upper area, where all work packages the current user is assigned to are listed, and the Time Recording table in the lower area containing all times entered by the project member within the selected month. The actual times of project members are not booked until these times have been approved. With this Time Approval dialog the project manager is able to view the recorded times and release them for booking.The member selection displays how many records for each project member are yet to be approved. By check-marking a time record in the right approval column of the details list the times defined in this check-marked row are provided for booking. If a totals record (work package / project phase / project) is check-marked within this details list all time records belonging to this totals record will be marked by the system and provided for booking. Booking itself is done by pressing the Save button. The function of sections is to bring about decisions with regard to specific project-related topics. Each section has to deal with specific tasks and consists of qualified project team members.The topics and results of all project meetings can be stored within the system to have a complete documentation of all intentions in the course of the project. Project reports are to be created for analysis and documentation purposes. This is done by this project management software in recording linked HTML files to be viewed with any Web Browser.This report is useful both to archive a project and to have access to all project information when working offline (e.g. in a project meeting at the customer's site).
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