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Aspose.Pdf for Java description
Aspose.Pdf is a Java Pdf component to create Pdf documents without using Adobe Acrobat. It supports all important features such as compression, text, tables, graphs, images, attachments, hyperlinks, JavaScript, annotation, bookmarks, headers, footers, security and custom fonts. Now you can easily create Pdf by API, XML and XSL-FO files. Aspose.Pdf supports document object model and it also enables you converting HTML, XSL-FO and Excel spreadsheets (requires Aspose.Cells) into Pdf file.

Rich Content

With the help of Aspose.Pdf for Java, you can create PDF documents, having rich content, quickly and efficiently. Aspose.Pdf for Java allows the creation of PDF documents, while providing the support for, texts, tables, graphs, images, hyperlinks, headings, attachments, addition of Watermarks, creation of Bookmarks, lists, provides support for different Graphs & Shapes and offers document compression. TrueType fonts, PostScripts Type1 fonts, Unicode, custom encoding and other PDF Core Fonts are also supported, as well as Font Embedding.You have the option of including replaceable symbols to change the corresponding text contents at runtime.

Ease of Use

Aspose.Pdf for Java allows for the creation of PDF documents in many different ways. You have the option of either creating PDF documents via XML or through the API or by using both XML and API. You can create PDF documents from both Windows Forms and Web Forms applications.

File Format Conversion

Aspose.Pdf for Java also allows you to create your PDF document by converting an existing file to PDF. The conversion of XML to PDF is supported. It also offers the capability to convert Image files into PDF format, either it's referenced by a static or a relative path. Aspose.Pdf for Java also supports the conversion of MS Excel (requires Aspose.Cells for Java) to PDF.


With the help of Aspose.Pdf for Java you can encrypt your PDF documents with 40-bits or 128-bits security. You can also set Master and User passwords for PDF encryption. In addition to this, content modification, copying content, printing, form filling, degraded printing, annotation modification, PDF documents assembling and screen readers of the PDF documents can be restricted.


Aspose.Pdf for Java enables you to add great looking tables to your PDF document. You have the option of setting border style, Background Color, margin and padding of a table. The columns width, spanning and row splitting of a table can be controlled. In addition to this, default cell formatting can be applied on all table cells; rows and columns can be formatted; and nested tables are allowed.
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