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important script information
company name:
Emmanuel Keller
license: Free
minimum requirements: java
functional limitations:
OSS Open Search Server Script description
The application is based on other open source technologies like POI, Lucene, Zkoss and Tagsoup.Here are some key features of "OSS Open Search Server":dlTE Multi-language indexing. Documents can be indexed in ten languages d-deOCt English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, etc.dlTE Multi-lingual analyzers slice sentences into words, then run lemmatisation algorithms on words based on the documentd-deOaos language (singular/plural, gender, conjugated verbs, etc.)dlTE The crawler goes through web sites and file systems to rapidly and easily build the index.dlTE Numerous document formats are supported, such as XML, HTML/XHTML, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc.dlTE The web interface is built around the power offered by the Zkoss framework. It runs with the main Ajax browsers. This RIA-type interface is as comfortable to use as that of a heavy client.dlTE Easy configuration through a single XML file, which includes fields definition and the indexation options.dlTE Quick integration thanks to an XML interface via HTTP queries.
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Win All, BSD, Solaris
downloads 1
version 1.0 Beta 2
size in Kb 22,548
user rating 5/10
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