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license: Free
minimum requirements: Java
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DocTera description

DocTera is an off-the shelf product that lets your customers send you files easily and quickly. Your customers only need a web browser and an internet connection to upload digital artwork to you. You no longer need to wait for shipped CD's or mailed Zip-disks to arrive. DocTera automatically creates a job ticket and stores all the submitted files. An email notification is sent to you each time a new job is added to the workflow.

DocTera operates as a part of your website. This ensures that you let your customers interact with you 24/7 with minimum overhead. If you don't already have a website, DocTera can act as your homepage. DocTera can also be completely customized to fit with your existing corporate look and feel.DocTera include:

Fast and Easy Upload:
Large files of digital artwork can quickly be submitted using DocTera. You no longer need to wait for CDs or zip disks to be shipped.

Simple to Use:
DocTera simplifies the file submission process by using a very intuitive GUI and simple file upload process.

No Setup and Installation:
DocTera requires no end-user setup or installation. This means users can upload files using only their web-browser.

Job Tracking & Notification:
DocTera offers comprehensive job tracking to everyone in your organization, from prepress to production.

Remote Soft-Proofing:
DocTera allows you to send online proofs to your customers to review and approve. This reduces your overhead costs and approval time.

Customizable Interface:
DocTera's entire look and feel can easily be customized to fit your existing website.

24/7 Availability:
DocTera is available 24/7, allowing your customers to interact with your print shop whenever they have a need to.

Online Estimating:
DocTera provides online estimating and pricing for standard jobs. DocTera can also store and process online payments.

Flexible Licensing:
The flexible licensing allows you to either opt for our subscription-based hosted service, or purchase a lifetime license of DocTera. This lets DocTera grow with your business. Requirements:

DocTera Server
Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro/XP Pro/2003 Server or Linux Kernel 2.4 or greater
Pentium 4 1.6 MHz or Equivalent
512 MB of RAM
40 GB Hard Drive
Broadband Connection with a Static IP Address or Dynamic DNS
DocTera Client
Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP or MacOS 9, MacOS X or greater
Netscape 6.0 / Internet Explorer 5.0 / Firefox / Safari / Mozilla or above
Internet Connection
Java plugin

File - File Transfer - Ftp - Transfer - Ftp Tool - Ftp Application
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