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OrgoWiki2 description
OrgoWiki2 is a wiki/BBS management system written in PHP, offering multiple areas, user pages,rich markup, internal backwards link, full referer tracking, RSS feeds, a public chat and an internal messaging system.Features:Markup Multiple areas OW2 partitions its wiki space into multiple areas; each area can have its own nodes, like a traditional wiki. Simple markup The markup of OW2 is really straightforward: linking to another node, linking to a web site, importing an image or web searching are usually a matter of enclosing the relevant section of text in square brackets. A number of symbols can be imported and used. You can also freely change what is shown under a link. Good page security OW2 has a lock/key security model; each user holds a keyring and each resource is controlled by a lock. You can have a fine control, by area or by node, of who can read, modify and comment on a node. You can group users by user classes and add or revoke keys on a person-by-person basis. Each user has a personal key that nobody else holds, so you can assign a resource to a single person. Wiki/Forum pages Each page can be a simple wiki page or a forum, where users can add comments, or edit the page, or both. Extensible markup Most of the markup for OW2 is extensible; you want to add a new type of link? add a line to the config file. Plugins A number of plugins are supported to extend the OW2 markup and create special items on page, like a user list or the special code needed to embed a SVG graph. You can write your own plugins extending our object oriented architectur ein a breeze! see Plugins. Optimistic locking All resources have an optimistic locking, so that no two users can overwrite each other's modifications. Full node history with diffs The full node history is available, and you can see the differences added at any point. Advanced links Softlinks OW2 internal links are bi-directional, i.e. a node is notified when visitors move from one node to another. The more a "path" is followed, the higher it scores in the softlinks sections. Referers OW2 fully tracks incoming HTTP links on a node-by-node basis, so you can see from where your users are coming from. Incoming links can be black- or grey-listed and are available classified by day. History A customizable length last visited pages history is kept for each user session in order to facilitate going back to already visited nodes. Skins Multiple skins OW2 supports multiple skins; editing a skin is usually a matter of tweaking with the CSS. Support for low-bandwidth browsers An included skin (simplest) is thought for users with low bandwith browsers, like cell phones or PDAs, and lets you browse OW2 nodes in a minimalistic fashion. Printable skins All skins support a separate printer-friendly CSS. Syndication RSS 2.0 syndication OW2 supports a full text RSS/2.0 syndication of the latest modified nodes. Tags Tags can be defined to add an additional classification of nodes. Tags are exported in the RSS feeds, used for searching and link to major sites (i.e. Technorati, Delicious, Flickr and Furl) is included. BBS/Community building User home pages Each user has his/her own home page that s/he can customize as they like (and nobody else can edit). Each user has a separate scratchpad, private and not visible by any other user, that s/he can use as a test page, or a collection of links, or a notepad, or whatever else. Internal chat An internal chat system, using OW2 markup, is available and shown in the Toolbox. Internal messages Users can exchange short messages as well as store and delete them. Users Self-service user creation Users can register and confirm their registration after receiving a confirmation e-mail. Users are created in a special user class, so you can edit their class or promote them as you like. User mass mailing You can send a newsletter to your users, and it will add personalized login information, so it acts as a reminder of their login and password. Misc Proved solution OW2 was originally developed as a software to run Pangea, the Varese civic network, and has been used for a year before being released under the GPL. Extensive logging OW2 sports extensive logging, so you can see at a glance what happened on your site.
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