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important script information
company name:
Stian Didriksen
license: Free
minimum requirements: * PHP 5.2.0 or later.
functional limitations:
Ninjaboard description
Ninjaboard is a revolutionary, native forum component for Joomla 1.5;And has been built to take advantage of the new Nooku 0.7 framework.Key features-------------------* Codename "Chameleon" auto-skinning engine, adapts the look and feel of your forum to any Joomla! template.* Powerful permissions system. Create custom usergroups, and optionally assign users to multiple usergroups.* Integrates with Joomla! core. Users, Search, Breadcrumbs, Localization, SEF and more.* Update Ninjaboard right from the dashboard. Allowing you to keep your site up to date, even when you're on the go.* Access control over different forums.* Topic icons by Parthiban Mohanraj (, exclusively for Ninjaboard ( .* Backend fully MooTools 1.2, frontend use jQuery 1.4 to avoid javascript conflicts with templates.* Clean HTML output, no tables for layout!* Supports Joomla! html layout overrides.* Built in converters. Currently supports Kunena 1.6, phpBB3 (bridged) and Ninjaboard 0.5.* Sample data are optional, and imported on the same screen you import data from other forums.* Multiple settings profiles. Optionally assign profiles to menu items.* Beautiful and intuitive UI. Setting up a forum have never been this simple.* Customizable dashboard. Two module positions at your disposal.Upcoming----------------* AEC Micro integration. Integration is now complete, and undergoing testing.* CB integration. Profile fields and avatars from Community Builder.* JomSocial integration. Profile fields and avatar.* Anahita integration. Profile fields and avatar.* JUGA integration. Ability to map JUGA groups to Ninjaboard usergroups. Just like the Joomla mapper.* Ambra subs integration. Control user permissions based on subscription status.* AmbraUM integrations. Integrate profile fields and avatar. Also integrate the user points program with forum activity.* Discuss plugin. Allowing you to use Ninjaboard as a comments system.Chameleon template engine-----------------------------------------Ninjaboard comes with a game-changing template engine, which supports a new technique called 'auto-skinning'.It's capable of blending with any template you install in your site and simply takes on the style of your site.Unparalleled extensibility------------------------------------As a direct result of using Nooku Framework, everything in Ninjaboards code can be manipulated,extended and changed in any way you want and anywhere you like without hacking anything.
Forums - Forum - Joomla - Template - Engine - Integration - Fields - Layout - Profile - Profiles - Avatar - Allowing - Dashboard - Assign - Permissions - Supports - Jomsocial - Usergroups - Ninjaboard - Nooku
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supported os
Win All, BSD, Solaris
downloads 3
version 1.0.0RC5
size in Kb 2,028
user rating 5/10
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