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yalst live support tool is a 1:1 advisory service software, allowing visitors to interact with the web site owners via chat sessions ("Live Support").Using the yalst LiveSupportTool, a new level of interactivity with your visitors becomes possible. Instead of communicating with your customers through web forms or e-mail, you can approach customers directly and support any questions they have.Assisted by the real-time monitor and various statistical evaluations, you will be able to understand the behaviour of your customers a lot better.Using visitor profiles, you can recognize visitors and give special treatment to your core userbase, as well as measure the financial success of your advertisement compaigns and optimize your marketing strategy.Integration Capabilities- Integration in HTTPS pages (starting from Basic Edition) - yalst integrates smoothly in SSL-encrypted web pages;- Download Version: requires a HTTPS enabled domain or the usage of an so-called SSL proxy- Online/Offline/Busy Chat Buttons (functional range depends on edition) -use your own buttons or choose them from our provided library- Text Links (starting from Basic Edition) - instead of buttons possible (supports different text messages for uptime/downtime)- Direct Links (starting from Basic Edition) - initiate chats without a startup dialogue window- Direct Integration (starting from Basic Edition) - embed a chat startup dialogue directly in a web page instead of a chat button or a text link- Integration in E-Mail Signatures, Online Auctions and Newsfeeds (starting from Basic Edition) - offer Live Support directly from your visitor's inbox or integrate yalst directly into your online auctions and newsfeeds; you can even see from which mail, auction or newsfeed a visitor is coming from- Integration as Visitor Counter (starting from Basic Edition) - as yalst is a fully functional statistic/webcontrolling solution for your homepage, you can also integrate a visitor counter into your pages; the design (colors and border) can be adjusted to fit the design of your homepage- Page Rating Boxes (starting from Professional Edition) - benefit of the feedback from your users, in order to optimize the contents of your web pages; you can place these "rating boxes" on all of the pages you deem relevant (of course, the colors can be adjusted); a click on the "grade" will open a feedback form, whose contents will be sent to you via e-mail; you may view the single ratings or an overall statistic; you may choose from three pre-defined rating questions or design all the questions yourself; refer to bottom of this page for a sample box- Tell a Friend (starting from Professional Edition) - visitors can click on a recommendation link (like this one) and will be routed to a form, at which they can recommend your offers to a friend; the recommended friend will then receive an e-mail with a link to the recommend web page; if followed, it will be possible for you to tell in the visitor monitor, if the visit occured as result of a recommendation (as part of the statistical evaluation, you will be able to tell what user submitted the recommendation, among other data)- Integration as Survey (starting from Professional Edition) - surveys not only add to the interactivity of your web site (thereby making it more attractive), but also allow you to gain knowledge about your user base, by specific formulation of the respective questions; our software offers you a single user and overall statistical evaluation for every survey you start; after a visitor participated in a survey, you can either print back out the current overall result or display a text of your choice- HTML Code Generator (starting from Basic Edition) - so you can generate the HTML code for the different integration possibilities as hassle-free as possible, we provide you with a convenient HTML code generator- Higlight: Programming Interface (API) (starting from Business Edition) - using the API it is possible to access the Live Support system from your web site or web applications; you may extract numerous data from yalst, as well as send data to the system (e.g. notifications for the Operator Console); using this technology, you can integrate our software deeply into your web site, opening up many new and powerful possibilities, such as different page displays, depending on whether or not the Live Support system is online or offline

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