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Truworth PHP Card Scheduler

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important script information
company name:
Truworth Infotech
license: Commercial
minimum requirements: * A reliable internet connection. ADSL / Broadband connections are recommended.
* Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows VISTA or any UNIX based system
* Pentium III or compatible running at 400Mhz or higher
* 128MBs RAM (Random Access Memory).
* 5 GB or greater hard drive.
* Internet Explorer IE 6 or IE 7, Maxthon 2.0, Firefox 2.0. or greater
* Flash 8.0 or greater
functional limitations:
Truworth PHP Card Scheduler description

There are lots of occasions (events) celebrated every year and there is a trend to send the wishes through cards to our relatives and the other known. To send an E-card we have to search the infinite internet resources. This is very time consuming process to overcome this situation we have developed card scheduler, it gives you a facility to schedule cards, write your own wish and select event. You need to fill the information of your client. Card scheduler automatically sends it to the respective client on a specified event.

Schedule Card - Card Scheduler - Card Scheduling - Online Card Scheduler - Greeting Card Scheduler - Wishes Card Scheduler
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supported os
Windows XP
downloads 17
price $350
version 2.1
size in Kb 48,828
user rating 5/10
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