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phpMyDataGrid 2007

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important script information
company name:
Gustavo Adolfo Arcila Trujillo
license: Free
minimum requirements: php 4 or later
MySQL or any other database supported by AdoDB
AdoDB for databases diferent to MySQL
functional limitations: None. BSD Lisence
phpMyDataGrid 2007 description
phpMyDataGrid 2007 offers a toolkit to build a DataGrid in a PHP based environment. It allows the application programmer, to build and deploy with very few lines of code and in a short period of time a complete AJAX enabled datagrid with paging, searching, sorting and more, much more...

It is useful for all PHP database-driven Web site and online-based data administration. It is also useful for dynamic content management and PHP-based hosting providers.

* Easy to use: Even the most novice php programer can deploy a complete and professional looking datagrid in few minutes using a minimum of code lines.
* AJAX Enabled: Differ to previous versions, the 2007 version is cross-browser totally AJAX enabled (addition, Edition, inline edition, deletion, pagination, ordering, etc.)
* Auto pagination: phpMyDataGrid Allows 3 styles for pagination, and you may define how many records to display per page.
* Ordering: Order table by any column, Ascending or Descending, and display an indicator in the active ordering column.
* Header and Footer: Show your own Header and Footer in each page.
* Multi-Languaje: You can configure the script to show the data in english, spanish, italian, french, german, nederlands and portuguese.
* ADOdb compatible: The script supports connection with MySQL databases by using the native php library, and also support the use of the ADOdb library to connect with any database supported by that library.
* Conditional: Show only the records defined by conditions.
* Inline editing: Fields can be inline edited and you can use HTML form controls such as text fields, textarea, checkboxes and dropdown menus.
* Display images: the script can display images asociated with fields data.
* Links and Icons: You can define your own links or images with links for each record.
* Bar Chart: Bar chart output support.
* Table maintenance: manage completely a table with build-in Add/Edit/Remove
* User defined maintenance: You can define your own Add/Edit/Remove process without modifying the main .js file.
* Secure: User rights access control to data editing (add, edit, delete and search), also every parameter received by the script is validated to check the permisions.
* Checkable rows: Add a checkbox to select multiple rows and do your own process with those records.
* Search: You can search records by any "pre-defined" column. Columns can be set to display a dropdownm menu with data contained.
* Customize the look: External CSS file, so you can change the colors acording to your web page.
* Column styles: Define the data (title, type, default value, data to show, etc.) for each column to show.
* Calculate Columns: Calcule basic math formulas (addition, substraction, multiplication and division) between cells and show in other cell (Like excel formulas).
* Totalize columns: Add total in a single column or multiple columns.
* Easy reading: Alternate row colors for easy reading and mouse over highlighting
* Fast: External .js and .css files for faster downloads
* Cross Browser: Tested on Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Firefox 1.5 and 2.0, Opera 9.1, Konqueror 3.5, Netscape 8.1, and Mozilla 1.7
* Compatible: Tested on php 4.4 and php 5.2
* W3C Compliant: Compliant with W3C recommendations for HTML and XHTML definitions.
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Any php capable
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