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PHP Online Invoice Pro Management V9.8

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license: Commercial
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Linux Microsoft WindowsUnix
Date Added:
Jul 28, 2010
Last Updated:
Aug 11, 2010
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PHP Online Invoice Pro Management V9.8 description
Setup your online secure invoicing system for your business website. Instant download and easy install. with auto install or manual . This Script outdose the competition its.100% OPENSORCE, without any encryption completly customizable,change the look, color ,ad diffrent headings,logos,.has customizable css stye uses PAYPAL as a payment GATEWAY,s Now your Clients can view or pay invoices from you online in the account you asign to them using PHP Online Invoice management script full opensorce code put on any domain you own or as many as you want you own the script. and ..........more

Main Features:
1.) Simple to use.
2.) Secure Admin section plus Client login section.
3.) Add as many clients as needed.
4.) Add as many invoices for each customer as needed.
5.) Invoices self total the inputted data.
6.) You can search through customers or invoices for keywords.
7.) Keeps track of Payments you receive from customers.
8.) Automatic Email Paid Invoice system you can turn on or off.
9.) You or client can create a clean invoice for printing.
10.) 10 separate Items per Invoice plus misc., shipping etc...
11.) Support forum for questions about script.
12.) PayPal Payments one time payment or recurring subscription payments or trial first month or yearly payment bottons you can turn on or off or display all bottons let client pick withc ones..

User Client Features:
CLIENTS CAN VIEW Status on invoice pay or see pendding ones USAGE: license allows you to install PHP Invoice
on multiple domain names.

User name and password reset by email option.

Print them
Use PayPal for payments ,or bank or credit cards.

Administration Features
*You can ad or delete links in User Client side menu as you want

*Turn subscription or onetime pay bottons on or off.

*Edit config file rght from admin pannel change,Business title,layout,and several other options.
*Create user name and password for client

*Auto send client Recpt option.

*View payment records and much more..
*Ad client complete information
*Set or update status of invoices
*Ad or delete payment buttons on invoices
*Easy Browsing and Searching for invoices
*Edit ,delete or create new admins.
*Ad or delete clients
*Ad or change logos on invoices
*One Secure login page for clients and admins
*Edit or change passwords and user names for clients and admins
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