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Sciretech Multimedia Manager

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Sciretech Multimedia Manager description

Sciretech Multimedia Manager is a professional file manager which handles file types easily. You can directly archive, manage, play and view multimedia content with your browser on a server. It's a server-based software (PHP/MySQL). Installing this powerful software on a server will give you access to your multimedia content - wherever you are.Main Features:Multimedia Content You have the possibility to view and play multimedia content directly in your browser, without the need of an additional application. You can view images, play flash-files, play mp3 and movie-files. You can switch between a gallery-view, a table view with or without multimedia preview. Further you receive meta-data for images and mp3-files. Images can be provided with watermarks, you can manipulate the quality of images, you can set up the output format (jpeg, gif, png), you can insert text or images into the original image and you can manipulate text with many functions so you are able to manipulate your images with many methods. These settings you can set up for the gallery-view, the preview and the original-output. Data Functions You have the possibility to upload your data on a server and to access, manage and archive it from everywhere. No matter where you are, at work, in a meeting, at holiday, on travel, at school or university o at home. You always have your data stock with you, you can access it very comfortable and realize a clear structure of your data. Further the system allows you to share your or public data with others and if you allow it, they might edit, complete and manage it. You can set the permissions exactly how you imagine the access to your data. Hosting Functions
If you need a hosting function for your customers, your employees, your cooperation partners or your community, you can realize this very easy. You have the possibility to make the data public, or you can set up that a user receives his own none-public customer and data area. Further you can set up a own management area for the user, which allows him to realize his own hosting functionality and to have the possibility to define himself, who has access to his data and who not. You can assign a volume contingent, an upload- and download-transfer to the user and even set up fee required accounts with payment periods, which you can set up individually. You have the possibility to create any number of payment periods with individual prices, so that your users have a flexible choice from prices and services. Example: You create a payment period with 3 months with a price of 30 €. The user registers, makes the payment and will receive direct access to the functions, you have assigned to him, for 3 months. Afterwards he will be asked to decide himself for a new payment period if he still needs access. You can preadjust groups and assign it with payment periods, so you just have to set it up for one time only, so that a user with a payment period, a specific interval and a specific price receives a predefined scope of services. All you need additionally is a free PayPal account. The setup has been explained very simple and takes only a view minutes. Control Panel The Control Panel offers administrators the possibility to handle numerous settings and tasks. In spite of the complexity of tasks and the huge functionality, the Control Panel still has the ability to offer clear and easy control of all functions. So you are able to get fast and comfortable access to all functions and you will be able to manage and setup your system precise and efficient. The Control Panel offers you access to the System Settings, the System Information, the Language Management, the Licence Management, Global Security, the Firewall, the Database Management, Themes and Content, the Sound Manager, the Business-Settings, Payment Periods and Transactions, Users, System Groups and Access Groups, Directory Management and Access, Newsletters and Messages, the Backup Management, System-Update, Statistics, Organizer, the Helpcenter and much more. User Panel The User Panel offers users to manage all important settings and actions. They can manage their personal Profile, Access Groups, Directories and Rights, Filemanagement, they can send Messages to other users, manage the Organizer and have access to the Helpcenter. Simple Upload In a few seconds only, you can provide files on a server. Choose a directory, a title, a description and upload the file. Dependent on the configuration of the system and licensing, you can add a price for a file. Multi Upload You have the possibility to upload multiple files simultaneous, in various number. Further there are 3 variants of multi upload methods. 1. variant - upload with forms: enter a various number of uploads and the system generates an analogous number of forms to upload the files. 2. variant - upload with a zip-file: upload a zip-file with various numbers of files included. The zip-file will be automatically extracted and the files taken over into the system. 3. variant – FTP-upload: upload files with a FTP-client in a designated directory. The system perceives the files and can take them over into the system. It is useful when large files have to be uploaded and your server has an upload limit. At each upload variant you have the possibility to dramatically speedup the execution if you use the same title, description and directory for all files, by choosing this option. File Commenting You have the possibility to activate the File Commenting. Users will be able to write various numbers of comments to a file. The date and the user will be logged, which has written the comment. The comments are public and can be read by everyone. File Voting You have the possibility to activate the File Voting. Users will be able to vote for files easily. A barrier will avert, that a user votes multiple for one file. Download Users are able to download files per click very easy. The comprehensive search options facilitates you to find the files very fast. The files will be dropped into directories and you can navigate through directories as well. Also included is a zip-download-function you can use to select and download multiple files. System Settings You can use the system settings to edit the entire settings of the system. For example the system name, the system E-Mail, the theme which should be activated, the active language, which group a user will be assigned to when registering, the global maximum file size for uploads, the global maximum number of multi uploads, how to handle file types, the date format, the message format, the image format for users, individual texts as well as header and footer content, global volume contingent, global upload transfer contingent, global download transfer contingent, you can add languages, change the licence of the system, show system information and much more. Security and Firewall You are able to setup numerous security settings in the system. You can lock the complete system, lock registrations, lock uploads, lock downloads, lock zip-downloads, define the time when users will be logged out if inactive, activate/de-activate the captcha-function for registrations. A firewall enables you to lock a single ip-address or a whole ip-address-ranges. Database You can manage the database settings, optimize tables and download the configuration settings. Themes and Content You can create different themes (layouts) to change the design of the system and switch easily between themes. You have numerous settings and you are able to setup the look of the system to fit your needs and wishes. You have the possibility to import themes, which we offer you always new, or from users who share their themes. You also can export themes to make a backup or to share your themes with others. The section "Content" enables you to create individual content in the system and make users able to show it. An html-editor and a source code entry simplifies the creation of content. You can enter a title, this will be shown in the main menu, and you can enter the position (left/right) of the menu link where it has to be shown and if the content shall open in the same window or a new window. You can also enter just a hyperlink to a resource and show the link in the main menu. You always can activate/de-activate, delete and manage content. Sound Manager With the Sound Manager you can create sound themes which contains sounds, which can be defined for specific actions. You can upload various numbers of files in the mp3-format and create sound themes with them. In the design-themes you can assign and activate one of these sound themes. Sound also are suitable for voice messages for users, which can be recorded by you and e.g. played when logging in. To use sound themes, you simple need the flash-plugin for your browser which can be downloaded for free. Business Manager With the Business Manager you can enable fee required user accounts, with individual payment periods and prices. Further you can regulate that files are fee required and can be downloaded after payment only. You have the possibility to manage transactions comfortable. PayPal is the payment interface, in the course of time there may be added more payment interfaces. Users You can create users and make numerous settings for them. Users can choose their own language and if their profile is public. The user can be added to a system group, which contains further comprehensive rights. The user profile can be personalized with a user image. It can be setup more limitations or privileges such as maximum file size for uploads, the maximum number for multi uploads, volume contingent, a upload transfer contingent and a download transfer contingent. You can assign users to access groups, to manage access to directories. You also have the possibility to allocate payment periods to the user. Directories You can create a directory hierarchy, endless in depth. You have the possibility to set the owner of the directory if the directory is public (ideal for non-public directory management for users – allows private file hosting for your users), the administrator or the owner can lock the directory. You can regulate the access to the directory by allowing or denying it for system groups, access groups or single users. File management The Filemanagement allows you to manage files directly. You have the possibility to change all information afterwards and even replace the file itself. You can create file types to allow or deny specific file types for uploading. Newsletters and Messages Newsletters are messages you can send to all groups and users in the system, separate e-mail-receivers and at the same time safe those messages to the system and announce them. An html-editor facilitates the entry of your formatted messages. You can send messages in text- and html-format, add files and set the status of priority. You have the possibility to allow groups to have access to the newsletter archive, so they can view messages anytime. You can choose if a message shall be saved to the archive, and to publish or to hide it afterwards. Backup and Restore You can create individual backups of all system areas such as system settings, data transfer, themes and content, business-settings, users, groups, directories, files, newsletters, organizer or a complete backup of the whole system. You are able to make any desired number of backups, to store and archive them into the system. With one click you can restore single areas or the whole system. Restoring is possible with backups from the archive, or by uploading of backups previously saved on external pcs or machines. You are able to view and manage the backups anytime in the archive, or you can export them to your pc. The backups will be compressed very well, to waste storage not unnecessarily. With the backup-function you also can migrate the system to other servers if your server environment will change. Update function With the update function you can always check if there is an update for your system. The update can be installed directly or by using the FTP-server. You can skip updates and actualize to the newest version later.

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