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Organic groups 6.x-1.0-rc6 / 5.x- description
This Drupal module enables users to create and manage their own 'groups'.Each group can have members, and maintains a group home page where members can post into. Posts may be placed into multiple groups (i.e. cross-posting) and individual posts may be shared with non-members or not. Membership to groups may be open, closed, moderated, or invitation only. Add-on modules are available for group image galleries, group calendars, group vocabulary, group stores, and so on.Groups may choose their own theme and language. Groups have RSS feeds and email notifications and so on.Group admins may also customize the layout and contents of their group home page and add additional custom pages through the included OG Panels module.Installation Enable the og module. If you want to protect some posts so that only certain users may view them, enable the 'Organic Groups access control' module as well. Please make sure og is working well on its own before enabling other OG related modules. Visit the admin/og/og page.On admin/og/og, see the content types table at the top. Click edit beside each type to set its 'usage'. You usually want to create a new node type via admin/content/types page and then designate that node type as a group from here. See the first item in NOTES below. Set other preferences on admin/og/og as desired. It may take some experimenting before you arrive at a configuration well suited to your needs. On the admin/content/types page, disable comments and attachments for node types which are designated as groups. Click the edit link beside those types. On the admin/build/block page, enable the 'Group details' and drag it toward the top of your list. Optionally enable the other 'Group' blocks.Grant permissions as needed on the admin/user/permission page Begin creating groups (visit the node/add page), joining those groups, and posting into those groups. The join link appears in the Group details block, for non invite-only groups.  Requirements: · Drupal 5.x/6.x What's New in This Release: · 6.x-1.0-rc6 · Updated POT · Updated German translation · add semicolon to js · fix new rules integration. · add post_new views field handler and make other handlers a bit more robust. · fix and improve og actions · rename Language to Group language. Affects translations. · fix broken pager due to improper embed of View. · Fix reverting content removes it from group. · Really give group admins the ability to edit group posts and group node in the event that og_access.module is disabled. This is just a bit less powerful than what node_access provides but it will have to do. The menu system in D5 has no alter hook so I don't think I can fix this there. Use of og_access in D5 is recommended. · fix can't customize emails. · Rename several fields so that we can use drupal_write_record() to save info into the DB. Requires a visit to update.php · Make OG HEAD compatible with new Views API · Handle when og_views is disabled. · fix search snippit.
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