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PayPal Pro Direct Payments & Express Checkout

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PayPal Pro Direct Payments & Express Checkout description
As stated in their TOS, Direct Payment is not a stand-alone product and must be used in conjunction with Express Checkout. You must offer both. Because of this, this module requires modification of several existing pages in your OSC installation.Your store will be modified in the following ways: - If a logged in customer clicks on "Checkout," they're taken to the shipping page with a "Paypal Express Checkout" button at the top. If they click on the "Express Checkout" button, they'll be taken to Paypal where they'll choose a shipping address and payment method, then be sent back to the checkout shipping page to choose a shipping method. From there, depending on your settings, it'll either go to checkout payment hiding the other payment options but displaying other modules, like CCGV, or to checkout confirmation to complete the order. - If a visitor without an account, or someone who isn't logged in, clicks on "Checkout," they'll be taken to the login page where there are now three boxes. They can either use express pay, create an account, or login. If they use express pay, they'll be taken to Paypal where they'll choose a shipping address, then be sent back following the process above. If they're not a current customer, based on the information returned from Paypal, an account will automatically be created for them and the account details emailed to their email address. If they're an existing customer, they'll be logged in and their order will be added to their account. - If they log in, or create an account, and go through the normal checkout process, then they can type in their credit card numbers and the direct payment API will charge their card transparently.
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