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This module adds Terms of Use and a [x] I agree check box to the registration page.In Drupal 6, a required checkbox that's not ticked/checked will bypass validation. This module circumvents this known issue by doing its own validation for the checkbox.The Terms of Conditions of this module are stored in a node. The advantages of this are: - The module does not add yet another table to your database - You can use any input format you want to filter the content of the 'Terms', including 'FULL HTML'. - You can use node versioning. - You can link to the 'Terms' from anywhere, using Drupal's menu.You can edit the text that appears as title of the 'Terms of Use' fieldset on your form, as well as the label for the checkbox.Use this module if you can't launch your commercial site without:[x] I agree.or[x] I CERTIFY THAT I AM OVER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS OLD.Installation - Move or copy or extract the 'terms_of_use' folder to sites/all/modules. - Enable the module 'Terms of Use' on the page admin/build/modules. - Create a Terms of Use page at node/add/page. Do not promote the node. TAKE NOTE OF THE NODE ID. - Go to admin/settings/terms_of_use and TYPE THE NODE ID in the field "Node id where Terms of Use are published". - Save your module configuration. - Clear your Drupal cache at admin/settings/performance by clicking 'Clear cached data'.Log out and access the registeration page at user/register. - It will now be required for anyone wishing to sign in to check the 'I agree with these terms.' checkbox.  Requirements: · Drupal 6.x ONLY.
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