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Complete Lotto Website and Script

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Complete Lotto Website and Script description

Start your own online lotto website and draw thousands of visitors to your website and advertisers. You pick the prizes that you are offering and you earn revenues by offering advertising. Players must visit advertisers websites in order to earn lotto tickets or players can also purchase lotto tickets via PayPal. Over 1 million people a month do searches for lotto websites. * Built-In Members Email Verification System Members Email Addresses will be verified upon joining and whenever the verified email address is changed. * Built-In Duplicate Accounts Filtering System Thru the Administrative Section (mentioned below) you will be able to set the maximum number of accounts allowed per IP Address, then the Duplicate Accounts Filtering System uses this limit to block any new signups from new accounts from the same IP Address. * Complete Web-Based Administrative Section The easy to use Web-Based Administrative Section will give you full access and control of your Lotto Site, it's members and it's settings. * Complete Web-Based Advertisers Section Your advertisers will also benefit from an easy to use Web-Based Advertisers Section, which will give them access to Live Tracking for currently open advertising orders, read advertiser updates you post, place new advertising orders, update their advertiser account profile, and see their advertiser account's activity log. * Complete Web-Based Members Section Also your members will have access to a Web-Based Members Section that they will be able to benefit plenty from. They will be able to read member updates you post, play their daily ticket, update their member account profile, remove their member account from your site, read about member only offers you post, visit advertiser sites for extra ticket(s), see their earnings information Live Stats, and more. * Built-In Text and/or HTML Email Messages Support In the Administrative Section you have a feature filled built-in members and/or advertisers email message mailer which will be able to send emails in your choice of either Text and/or HTML Email Messages. * Multiple Built-In Advertising Sales Options Your advertisers will have Multiple Built-In Advertising Sales Options available which will give you a higher amount of advertising sales, which bottom line means more earnings for you. Advertiser's will be able to purchase either: Banner Advertising (by clicks), Text Ad Space (by timeframe), Text Ad Space (by Click), and Guaranteed Website Visits. * Built-In Automatically Maintained Winners Page The lotto website comes with a Built-In Winners Page that will be maintained automatically for you. All you have to do is place a link on your main page to the winners.cgi file of the package and bingo, your Automatically Maintained Winners Page is up. :-) * Built-In Custom Web Template Support It doesn't matter if you have a web-design company design you a custom web template, if you buy one already made, or if you have already made one it will work perfectly for your Lotto Site as thru your web-based administrative section you will be able to add the template to your package by just following a couple of easy steps. * Built-In Web Page Editor The web-based administrative section comes with a built-in Web Page Editor from which you will be able to edit every page generated by your lotto website that needs editing; easily from within the web-based administrative section and without the need of expensive HTML editing software. * Built-In Pre-Defined Emails Editor Again, in the web-based administrative section you will be able to edit all the pre-defined emails that will be sent by your lotto website thru the Built-In Pre-Defined Emails Editor, and you will be able to use a set of variables available that will be replaced in the emails with the appropriate information for each member's account the email is being sent to.

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