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Directory97 PRO description
Directory97 PRO is an all-in-one solution for your link directory and link indexing needs.Directory97 PRO is an easy-to-install, to use, and to administer, and powerful link directory script based on PHP & MySQL. Directory97 PRO is very quick, it can be installed in relatively busy site, without performance loss.

Directory97 PRO supports lot of modern link directory features, such as banner ads, sponsored link, referal program, even WYSIWYG editor! Main Features - Template Driven
Codes are separated from design layout. You can create your own interface easily with any HTML editor (MS Frontpage, DreamWeaver, etc) without confused with PHP code. - Multi-lingual Ready
Your site is in French? or Spanish? No problem. Translate everything to your local language, even the date & time format! - Search Engine Friendly URL
Instead of list.php?link_id=5, we are using list-link_id-5 which is more friendly to search engines. And at the same time, will increase your site position in search engines. - Referal Program
Increase your site ranking in search engines, by rewarding your members to put your site link in their web. Your members will be rewarded by higher position in your directory. - Sponsored Links
Make money with your directory! Allow your members to pay for sponsored links. Their links will have many features, such as images, HTML area, etc. And will appears on the top at listing. - Banner Ads
Not enough with sponsored links? Use banner ads, a random banner will appears on each page. - WYSIWYG Editor
Eliminate the need for external skin editor. Make modification easier. - Custom Fields
Create unlimited custom fields to accomodate your needs, from regular text to image upload with automatic high quality thumbnail generation. Custom fields can shown to regular links or sponsored links easily. - Unlimited Numbers of Multiple Categories
Multiple categories enable your member to post his/her link in more than one category. The best part is you can define how many number of multiple categories. Three? Ten? Twelve? Easy. - Site Statistic
Show-off how popular your site is. Display number of links, review, new links, updated links, users, pageviews, etc. - Link Checking
Avoid double listing and/or dead link easily. Every submitted link will be checked for existence and if already in database. - Member CP
Members have their own CP (control panel) to modify their profile, update their links, add favorite links, subscribe to mailing list, and category notification. - Admin CP
You have your own admin CP, a web based administration panel, handle anything, manage links, members, sponsor, banners, backup/restore, custom fields, etc without a slight knowledge of PHP & MySQL. Directory - Unlimited number of categories. - Unlimited level depth of categories. - Unlimited number of multiple-categories. - Unlimited list of links/items. - Member registration. - Members' profile to manage their accounts and links. - Members can add their own links. - Members can modify/update their own links. - New Links section. - Hot Links section. - Top Rated section. - Editor Pick section. - Advanced search based on title, description or link id. - Visitor ratings. - Member comments & ratings. - Members can add specified links as their favorites. - Members can subscribe to specified category. If the category is added with new links or updated, an email will be sent. - Members can see their own submitted links and current status. - Members can get rating code for their links to put in their web site. - Built in mailing list. - Report a link. - Tell a friend. - Built-in news manager. - Welcome screen with simple statistic, newest and hottest links. Administration - Web based administration. - Summary report of your directory. - Built-in file manager. - Configure your directory: - Define your site's name, keywords, etc; - Number of columns, multiple categories, links per page; - New links/new update period; - Daily activity report; - and many more. - Permission manager. Allow/disallow specific features to members/visitors only. - Add, modify, and remove categories and sub-categories. - Add, modify, and remove links. - Modify, approve, or reject every link submission from both adding or modifying links. - Approve, or reject every new review submission. - Email notification for: - New/update links, - Link reviews, - Reported links, - Approved/rejected links. - Editor Picks. - Multi-skins. - Create backup & restore database information. - Manage reported links. You can modify the link information, delete the link, or ignore reports. - Validate database structure and optimize if necessary. - Manage mailing list. - Manage news. - Users management, edit or remove users. - Custom fields. - Online statistics. - WYSIWYG to edit skins.
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