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We're about participation and community. Most other video hosting sites cater to passive consumers who watch, or who upload a single video and leave. We cater to empowered users, who can create, remix or download video to any device. Ourmedia is a public resource that supports the Commons, the public interest and the goal of civic engagement by an informed community. Every user must choose a license, and we encourage people to use Creative Commons. So we're not just a place to store your personal media and watch video, we're a community of media users who want to use media: download it to any device, consume it on your terms, possibly remix it. Ourmedia is for users, not just consumers. We're about learning. Ourmedia is a gathering place for people to learn how to create media -- and create better media -- through our Learning Center and a community that connects newbies with experienced media makers. We're working with Node101 and a dozen universities to broaden the public's access to digital media learning tools. We're a hub for open source and open media. We're lightnet. That is, we're about open media. Open standards. Open source. An open registry. No DRM. We want to serve as glue to help bring together disparate open media sites and repositories rather than offering just another stand-alone, enclosed, walled-garden destination site. We're building open source tools that can be shared across other sites. The lightnet and glue factors are what make Ourmedia an interesting open source project and not just a web site. We're about creativity and quality media. We don't want to be a firehose -- a black hole sucking bandwidth and emitting no light. We don't want to be a free-for-all site where people just post frothy, dumb videos. We're after something deeper: telling meaningful stories. We want to nourish high-value grassroots media. We support metadata that encourages people to supply textual context and backstory. We support Remix Culture. We're working with Creative Commons, Outhink and several open media projects and repositories to create a space for people to mash up and remix video, audio, music and images. We are providing collaborative tools for the next wave of online creativity: collaboration, in which artists borrow from each other and the culture at large to create new works. We offer a long shelf life for all kinds of personal media, not just video. As media convergence happens, users will look for solutions that tie together video, audio, games, images and text. Ourmedia is a life-long hosting solution that believes in your work. We are inextricably linked to the Internet Archive, which has a 10-year record of preserving and refreshing digital media. We are not a transient hosting service that won't be around three years from now.
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