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company name:
license: Free
minimum requirements: joomla 1.5
functional limitations:
MageBridge description

MageBridge acts as a bridge between Joomla! and Magento. It allows for displaying Magento content within Joomla! through a component but also adds further integration using various modules. Underneath, plugins make sure the two systems are integrated as well: User profiles and login credentials are synchronized, and user records are automatically created from both sides. MageBridge ships with Single Sign On (SSO) as well, and integrates products and categories into the regular Joomla! search. The new Content Plugin even adds more power to this total.** Complete bridging solution **As of yet, MageBridge is the most complete bridging solution that brings Magento to Joomla!. All areas of integration are covered, including visual integration, search integration, user integration, and much much more.** Combined theming **The whole suite enables you to integrate Magento within Joomla! quickly, but the flexible architecture also allows you to achieve any setup you like. Both Magento theme and Joomla! template are combined in one single page. Out of the box, this makes things like nice without much effort. When optimizing the themes, tuning could be done on both sides (Magento theme or Joomla! template) or one side only.** Multiple extensions, dual licensing **The extensions are divided into two types: First of all there are Joomla! extensions (a component, modules and plugins) licensed under the GNU/GPL, and secondly a Magento module licensed under a custom End User License Agreement. Communication between Joomla! and Magento is done through JSON and XML-RPC, therefor all extensions comply to the licensing scheme of the system they're running on.** Event forwarding **MageBridge offers various way to extend the normal behavior. Besides from regular Joomla! plugins that can integrate with the MageBridge API, plugins can also listen to specific events coming from Magento (a concept called "event forwarding").** Connectors **Also MageBridge uses connectors to connect the bridging functionality to third party Joomla! extensions. One group - store connectors - can be used to load a specific Magento store on runtime by looking at a certain condition in Joomla!. This is used to make MageBridge compatible with multi-lingual components like Nooku and Joom!Fish. Another group - product connectors - allow you to sell a Joomla! product through Magento. Using this mechanism, you could sell for instance Community Builder profiles or JomSocial karma points.** What you get **Members get access to a large amount of whitepapers and tutorials, that explain the usage, administration and extendibility of MageBridge more thoroughly.

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