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morgan integrated systems limited
license: Free
minimum requirements: dlTE PHP 5 or higher
functional limitations:
razorCMS for Scripts description
It is used to help manage the task of setting up and running a website without the need for extensive knowledge of website design.It does not require a database engine, the content being stored in flat files on the Web server at a specified location.Here are some key features of "razorCMS":General:dlTE Flat File design, no database requireddlTE Simple, fast and security conscious installerdlTE Small and fast footprintdlTE Modular frameworkdlTE Support for multilingual translationsdlTE Multiple infobar content displayed on single pagedlTE External links in link menusdlTE Easily modifieddlTE Easily extendable via blade pack add on interfacedlTE Multi level menusdlTE Security check for file permissionsdlTE Full file managerdlTE 3 user accounts with varying levels of access (good for handing over to clients)dlTE Simple backup managerdlTE Automatic invalid login check, blocks invalid logins by IP address after 8 attemptsdlTE Improved securitydlTE Multiple theme controlNew Admin Home Page:dlTE New interactive home page, with feedback on environment, versions and introducing the new system messages from the razorCMS website and the ability to monitor all files within the system for permissions to ensure file security.Content Manager:dlTE Catagory based layout for content applied as link itemsdlTE Creation of page content, infobar content or external linksdlTE Support for in page blades, adding functionality directly into your page contentdlTE Simple raw text editor or Optional WYSIWYG blade pack for creating contentdlTE Simple addition of meta for individual pages via blade packsdlTE Multi level menu's by creating sub categories for pagesdlTE Easily publish or un-publish contentFile Manager:dlTE Simple management of all files (access restricted to some login accounts)dlTE View, edit, copy, rename, move, delete files and foldersdlTE Edit files in a raw text screendlTE Wiew media like documents, pdf, images, flashdlTE Create folders, upload files, and much much more...Backup Manager:dlTE Create backups for online storagedlTE Manage backupsdlTE Remove backupsdlTE Restore backups (access restrictions apply to some accounts)dlTE Download and upload backups to and from online storageSettings Manager:dlTE Simple settings manager for changing non vital site settingsdlTE Alter website name, slogan and footer, supporting html codedlTE Protect catagories from deletiondlTE Change charset typedlTE Set up to 4 themes for your sitedlTE Change blade pack settingsUser Manager:dlTE Change user account detailsdlTE Configure all accounts when logged in as super admindlTE 3 accounts supplied for access to the administration console, with varying access to system featuresdlTE System wide access controlBlade Manager:dlTE Interface for managing blade packs, split by class type, system, theme, language or upgradedlTE Installer, simply upload, read any notes that are displayed for help and information on the blade packdlTE Auto unpack and installdlTE Remove blade packs no longer neededdlTE New blade pack system, improves site speed by only checking for active packs
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