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important script information
company name:
The Wikka Development Team
license: Free
minimum requirements: dlTE PHP 4.1 or above
functional limitations:
WikkaWiki Script description
WikkaWiki is a fork from WakkaWiki and has been designed with performance, security and extensibility in mind.InstallationDownload the wikka-file.The file is an archive, which means that it is a packed file which you need to unpack.Upload the contents of the Wikka directory into your webfolder.Create the database for Wikka.You also need to have (or create) a user for the database with sufficient permissions for Wikka to use to access the database; this user needs all the usual permissions for reading, writing, modifying and deleting records, as well as creating tables (which is what the installer is going to do); being allowed to drop tables (not databases) may also be needed later.Point your browser to your web directory where Wikka is located - this will start the installer.Follow the instructions of the installer.Here are some key features of "WikkaWiki":Output:dlTE W3C compliant XHTML 1.0 transitional.dlTE Easily customizable layout (CSS 2.0) with CSS-driven print support.dlTE Global and page-level RSS feeds (RSS 0.92/2.0) with autodiscovery support.dlTE Easily customizable English interface.dlTE Footer comments (optional).dlTE Human- and Search-engine-friendly page titles.dlTE Page content can be displayed as rendered, source and raw source.Installation:dlTE 100% web-based installer/upgrader.dlTE 100% web-based upgrading from WakkaWiki.dlTE Shell/root access not required;dlTE Optional rewrite rules support.Security and antispam features:dlTE SafeHTML function to filter potentially dangerous content.dlTE Fine-grained access control through: folder-level .htaccess files; global ACL; page-level ACL.dlTE Advanced referrer management with blacklist support.Page editing:dlTE A fast, fully redesigned editor toolbar (WikkaEdit) with more Wikka-specific functionality and improved cross-browser compatibility.dlTE Page preview.dlTE Edit notes support.dlTE Search & replace handlerdlTE Doubleclick quick editing.dlTE Universal Edit Button support.Formatting:dlTE A large selection of wiki markup options, with support for text styling; headings; multiple types of lists; code blocks; floats; tables; threaded comments; notes.dlTE HTML can be embedded in pages in a safe manner.Links:dlTE Support for: automatically parsed links; image-links; forced links (with link text); plain HTML a href="..." links.dlTE Several shortcuts for interwiki linking.dlTE CSS-driven link rendering.Media & files:dlTE File uploading/downloading.dlTE Inline Flash support.dlTE Images (accessibility enforced through the use of the image action).dlTE Native support for mindmaps.Advanced features:dlTE A large selection of plugins and user contributions, including: calendar, feedback form, Google search form among others.dlTE RSS feed inclusion and RSS Auto Discovery.dlTE Advanced code highlighting (using GeSHi): support for several languages; easily customizable output; line numbering; clickable markup pointers to official documentation; on-the-fly code block downloading.dlTE WikiPing functionality (optional) to broadcast lists of recent changes to remote servers.Page-related features:dlTE Page PageOwnership and fine-grained page-level access control.dlTE Page categories.dlTE Page cloning utility.dlTE Pages can be safely embedded in each other.dlTE Advanced text searching. See TextSearch for examples (some of the examples will only work if MySQL 4.X is in use).User-related features:dlTE Configurable user login and registration screens.dlTE Password retrieval utilities.dlTE User preferences and userpages.dlTE Lists of pages owned or recently edited by specific users.Statistics and information:dlTE Last edit information.dlTE Detailed system information.dlTE Tools for displaying statistics on pages and users.dlTE User statistics on edits, comments and page creationRevision control tools:dlTE Page history easily viewed at a glance.dlTE Full comparison of page revisions (between any two versions) with highlighting of differences.dlTE Fast switch between simple and contextual diff modedlTE RSS feeds for global changes and for page revisions.dlTE Easy retrieval/reverting of previous revisionsdlTE Recently changed pages, recently commented pages and recent comments.dlTE Alphabetic page index.dlTE Tools to track pages without links and missing pages.Administration tools:dlTE Modules for user- and page administration.dlTE Mass user deletiondlTE Mass page reversiondlTE A large number of system configuration settings.dlTE List of recently registered users.dlTE Admin users and advanced ACL support for managing user privileges at individual page-level (read/write/comment).dlTE Page can be deleted by admins or page owner.dlTE Comments can be deleted by page owner, comment poster, or admins.dlTE Comments can be toggled off on individual pages.dlTE Optional gzip page compression.
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