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Syndikut - Mailing List Manager v2

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license: Commercial
minimum requirements: Server running PHP
functional limitations:
Syndikut - Mailing List Manager v2 description
Mailing List Manager v2 is a PHP, subscribers/news letter script.
Using a flat file database to store all subscribed email addresses so NO SQL needed!
With MLM, you can easily start your own mailing list service for any purpose.
MLM allows your website visitors to sign up to receive email correspondence or newsletters.
You can send your email broadcast from a web based form on your site.
The email is sent to all active subscribers, printing a list on screen for confirmation.
Ever wanted to start your own mailing service?
Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of website promotion!
Selling a service or product? then keep your customers informed of new ideas or products!
End User:
* Simple & quick front end form for subscribing (No hassle sign-up)
* Personalised emails (Gives each email you send, a personal touch by adding their name)
* Form field checking (Checks all form fields are filled before continuing)
* Remove Me (Allows subscribers to remove themselves via email link & web form)
* Verify Email Address (Sends an email verification link to verify email before adding)

* Secure admin control panel using cookies
* Active members (Lists all active email addresses that have been verified)
* Deactive members (Lists all email address that have not been verified)
* Option to resend validation code for deactive emails.
* Option to manually activate deactive emails.
* Mail individual emails
* Ban email (Allows you to ban email address from subscribing)
* Ban Domain (Ban a domain from subscribing [ for example])
* Unban Email (Allows you to unban a banned email address)
* Unban Domain (Allows you to unban a banned domain)
* Add, Edit or delete email templates
* Mass Mail (Sends email to all active email addresses)
* Mass Mail for active or deactive emails banned emails & domains.
* Full pagination for active & deactive email lists banned emails & domains.
* Complete overhaul of admin CP tidy clean design!
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