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minimum requirements: PHP
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MyNewsGroups description

MyNewsGroups is a USENET news client, based totally on a web interface, written in PHP4.It's backended with a MySQL database, which allows you to develop useful tools such as search engines, SPAM filters, subscriptions, stats, and much more. The web interface of MyNewsGroups is very easy to use, and has all the advantages of the modern webmail systems: You can search through any news group anywhere in the world without the need of setting up any program.

Main Features: - Multiple news servers support. - Database backend. (PHPLib's database abstraction class). - Login System (Optional). - Search Engine. - Article compression with Zlib.(Optional). - Stats - Installation Wizard. - Web based Administration Interface. - Subscription System. - Save, print or send by email your favorite articles. - New and unread messages highlighting. - Multi Language system. - Themeable. - Cron Job Support. - 'register_globals = off' compatibility. - Optimized article downloading and indexing system.

News - Tool - News Publishing - Develop - News Searcher - Develop Tool
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MyNewsGroups :) (Popularity: ) : MyNewsGroups :) is a Web based USENET news crawler, news reader and news poster. With the use of a DB backend, the crawler fetch the newsgroups messages ONCE only. Web based environment, SPAM Filters, Search Engine, Subscriptions and much more.

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