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license: Free
minimum requirements: PHP
functional limitations:
PHPMailer-ML description

PHPMailer-ML is a very basic and simple Mailing List Manager and Newsletter Manager. It has been created to showcase the use of PHPMailer when sending one email or when using MySQL data for your subscriber information.PHPMailer-ML uses some of our own tips and tools to extend the PHP execution time. Features - Supports unlimited lists - Supports unlimited subscribers for each list - Administration control panel with HTTP authentication to control access - Default list for newsletter has 'listid' 1 - Default subscribe form in root directory feeds default newsletter list - Subscription process has double-blind opt-in - Confirm process is part of double-blind opt-in (confirms email address) - Unsubscribe process requires a portion of the link be encrypted - Campaign message editor is WYSIWYG and tested on all popular browsers - Supports URL based images - Supports HTML and Text messages, or Text Only messages - Supports storing messages (multi-edits) and save/send - Supports auto-stripping HTML to create text portion of message using HTML2Text Installation - After unzipping the files, edit the "_acp/inc.settings.php" file. You will need:
the base path of the installation (ie. subdirectory)
your SMTP server settings
your MySQL settings - Upload the files to a directory on your site - Secure the "_acp" directory using _acp/.htaccess and _acp/.htpasswd - If you would like to add the subscribe form to an existing page on your site, add the following form:

First Name:

Last Name:


List - Newsletter - Mailing - Manage Mailing List - Manage Newsletter - Php Mailing List
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