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Jeff Alderson
license: Commercial
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Traffic Equalizer description
Get top rankings in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN. This powerful script, used by top internet marketers, uses a little-known system to generate highly targeted traffic to your website for free - no matter what you might be promoting. Don't waste your time and money with "search engine optimization" or "SEO experts". Are you trying to fool the search engines? You won't have to anymore because with this script, you'll be giving them exactly what they want - 100% fresh relevant content. In return, you'll get exactly what you want - an unlimited supply of highly targeted visitors ready to learn about your product. Plus, when you combine this system with Google's AdSense program, you'll even earn revenue from people who don't buy your product. Fully customizable, professional template-based system. Includes unlimited upgrades for life, both PC desktop & php online versions, video tutorials plus other bonuses. Instant download.
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Version 1.3.5; October 2005
Software by Carsten Schmidt

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Linux - Unix - Windows
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