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Free remotely hosted simple counters plus over 10 other scripts.

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GoStats Free web page counter (Popularity: ) : A robust hit counter with fast setup. Many different graphical displays allow you to customize your counter. It is even possible to upload your own counter style. Web Page Counters (Popularity: ) : Free web page counters with statistical tracking. Free Counter (Popularity: ) : This counter is fast, ad free, easy to install, and offers more styles than any other counter service. (Popularity: ) : Show your visitors how many users are online. (Popularity: ) : Display the number of users online on your web site. A stats page is included which allows you and your visitors to view which pages each person is looking at.
Site Meter (Popularity: ) : A free web counter that tracks page view, visits, and visit length. Customizable by text color, background color, size, font, & commas. Displays dynamic 3D graphs of site traffic. Creates FrontPage "Designer" HTML so a web counter can be easily ...
Web-Counter (Popularity: ) : Both free and fee based servcies are available. Extremely high volume sites are asked to move to the commercial servers, and for a fee, anyone can. The free service is often over-taxed and takes a while to load, however the ... (Popularity: ) : Charged per counter. Statistics for your counter will be generated to tell you when your site is most frequently accessed.
Dot Com Counter (Popularity: ) : This service provides an easy to use counter that displays hits and unique visitors. Join now for free and have your counter up and running in seconds.
LiveCounter Plug & Play (Popularity: ) : Award winning live web page access counter and professional log reports generator. Includes doorbells; customizable display; forecasting; archiving; link/hidden counter; on-the-fly identification of countries, organizations, departments and demographics where visitors connected from; browser, operating system, hardware platform charts; and much ...
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