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Remotely Hosted Ad Management  

Ad management and ad network

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Hosted Ad Serving Solutions
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Ad management and ad network description

Take control and leave the expensive services that charge you high monthly fees and make you sign costly commitments. Whether you would like to run a few ads on your web site or run a complete Ad Network with hundreds of millions of impressions. Now you can take control of your web sites and make money doing so.

Ad management software is used for managing rich media ad delivery, geographical targeting, revenue generation, live statistics and real time reporting. Offering the latest in ad server technology, high end scalability and easy to use web interfaces.

Easily rotate your free and paid banner ads, pop ups, pop unders, gateway pages, chat banners, skyscrapers, rich media ads, 3rd party ads, and interactive marketing units, plus, integrate free and fee based Ad Network, software based ad codes.

Ad Management - Ad Network - Banner Management
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