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Free Brolmo Poll is an online poll service available to anyone with a website. It takes less than a minute to have a poll on your website.When you create a poll you need to copy a single line of HTML code and then put it on your web page. There is nothing that needs to be installed by you. All files and databases are hosted on our servers. Once you put the HTML code on your web page you can edit your poll question, answers and options via your own password protected administration page and there is no need to update your pages. You can use the poll on ANY web page - HTML, HTM, PHP, ASP, CGI, PL, JSP.... and other valid html based web page. Free Brolmo Poll has been tested on almost every browser - Internet Explorer, Mozzila, Netscape, Opera and few more not that popular with JavaScript support. You can have as many polls as you want. You can have polls on all your websites and pages, for Free.
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