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Remotely Hosted Polls and Voting  

Voting Server - The Ultimate Toolbox for Webmasters

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SV2 Software
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Voting Server - The Ultimate Toolbox for Webmasters description

Voting Server provides flexible capabilities to any site owner, from large, high-traffic corporate sites to small sites. Voting Server gives you powerful toolbox to upgrade your web pages by Cut-and-Paste operation. Using Voting Server you will be able to easily add new interactive capabilities to your site.

Learn the opinion of your visitors on any given question. Find out where from and how visitors come to your site and what attracts their attention most using Web Tracker. Bring new visitors to your site with the technology Viral AD using Send-To-Friend. Add the feature for rating your site content using Rate-me. Make your visitors interested announcing major events in the News Block. Vary the content of your site with Content Randomizer. Learn your visitors' point of view in the Guest Book. You can to do all these things fast and easy.

Voting Server provides detailed and easy-to-understand reports for everyone involved in the running of a website, from the developers and designers to the marketing and management teams. Find out where people leave your site and what content catches their attention. Learn what your visitors think of topical questions and which items of your site they like best.

Add the feature of emailing the content of the page to your friends to attract new visitors.

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