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Allinta CMS is an ASP content management system.Features: - News and RSS feeds, in either simple list or dynamic cross fading list - SSL support for pages and forms  - WYSIWYG editor with support for IE7 and many enhancements - Searchable FAQ entries - Support for Google sitemaps - Embeddable ASP in content/templates - Support for dynamic menus in horizontal or vertical orientation Details:WYSIWYG Editor The WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor is web-based, requiring no additional software or tools other than your web browser. It allows you to edit your content as it will appear on your website using familiar MS Word text editing tools. This allows non-technical staff to make changes to your website without a prior knowledge of HTML. ormatting text, inserting images, creating links to other pages and downloadable files such as PDFs are all simple using the allintaCMS WYSIWYG editor. The editor will even pick up custom style sheets (CSS) you are using in your website allowing content editors to easily apply your content styles and keep the website look and feel clean and uniform. Website Statistics allintaCMS doesn't just stop with powerful website management capabilities, unlike other CMS software,allintaCMS provides full statistical charts and information based on certain aspects of your site which are important in helping not only your site grow, but your business in general. allintaCMS provides powerful on call data and information at the click of a button - in one easy click you'll have access to how visitors have come to your site, on what day, within a time period and the pages that they've chosen to visit. With this powerful tool bundled in with allintaCMS, there is no limit if you want to increase traffic or trial new information to engage the user longer and retain the sale or enquiry. Using the Dynamic Statistics you'll be able to do so easily and quickly without any additional costs or staff hours involved. Multiple/User Security Levels allintaCMS supports an unlimited number of administration users and each user may have access to certain areas of the allintaCMS administration system. For example you may have privileges to create, edit and publish documents whilst another group of users may add and edit content but may not publish the changes to the live system, potentially allowing a Manager to review changes prior to publishing them. Calendar The calendar allows you to add and update events and items of importance in relation to your website. By selecting a month, date and specifying a specific date and time, you are able to add in events and assign duration times, descriptions and event names to your Calendar. This gives you the ability to perform management tasks based on a Calendar schedule and ensure you will not forget that important update or release of new information/products on your website. Free Templates Included allintaCMS contains 20 free templates pre-integrated into the software to get you started. You can use the templates directly to create the layout for your website content pages, or simply use them as a guide to create your own. Selecting a template can be done quickly and easily within the Administration system allowing you to easily change the look and feel of your site in a matter of minutes. Requirements: · IIS based Web server running on Windows eg. IIS4, 5.1, or 6 running on Win NT, 2000, XP Pro, or 2003 · ZIP Program to unpack the files · FTP program to send files to your web site
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