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KPIB: Kenny-Purpose Interface Bus

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company name:
M. A. Hopcroft
license: Free
minimum requirements: MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)
functional limitations:
KPIB: Kenny-Purpose Interface Bus description
kpib.m contains code for GPIB and serial port communication for a number of scientific instruments, organized so that a single common command syntax can operate them all. For example, the command:r = kpib(INSTRUMENT,GPIB,'read');will return the voltage and current reading from a number of different power supplies. The goal is to be able to write matlab code that can accommodate changing instruments and experimental setups with minimum hassle. If INSTRUMENT and GPIB are defined as constants at the beginning of your code, then they can be changed to accommodate new equipment, and the rest of the code is unchanged. In addition, kpib can test whether an instrument exists at an address and read and write arbitrary strings to instruments for testing.Supported instruments (v4.88): Temperature Controllers'BlueOven' 2800 Controller for Thermotron S-1.2 Thermal Chamber (aka "Blue Oven")'GreyOven' ICS 4809 Modbus interface to Watlow F4 Controller for TestEquity 1007S Thermal Chamber (aka "Grey Oven")'AcuOven' Watlow 981 Temperature controller for Acutronic inertial test chamber. Also 'WAT_981''AO_800' Alpha Omega Instruments Series 800/850 Temperature Controller using Watlow Series 96 controller (Modbus serial comm.) (RS-232 device, specify 'COM1' for GPIB address)'CV_TIC304' CryoVac TIC 304-MA Temperature Controller'SI_9700' Scientific Instruments model 9700 Temperature Controller'NP_3150' Newport Temperature Controller Model 3150 Signal Analyzers'HP_89410A' HP 89410A Vector Signal Analyzer'HP_4195A' HP Network/Spectrum Analyzer'HP_4395A' HP 4395A Network/Spectrum Analyzer'HP_8753ES' HP 8753ES S-Parameter Network Analyzer'AG_E5071B' Agilent E5070B/E5071B RF Network Analyzer'HP_8560A' HP 8560A Spectrum Analyzer Oscilloscopes'TEK_TDS' Tektronix TDS family Oscilloscopes'HP_54600' Hewlett-Packard 54600-series Oscilloscopes (HP_54602B)'HP_54800' Hewlett-Packard 548XX Infiniium Oscilloscopes (HP_54845A) Waveform/Function Generators'HP_33120A' HP 33120A 15 MHz function generator'AG_33250A' Agilent 33250A 80 MHz Function generator'SRS_DS345' Stanford Research Systems DS345 30 MHz function generator'FLK_290' Fluke 290 series (291, 292, 294) arbitrary waveform generators Multimeters'HP_3478A' Hewlett-Packard 3478A multimeter'HP_34401A' HP 34401A multimeter'HP_34420A' HP 34420A 7.5 Digit Nanovoltmeter with RTD measurement Power Supplies'HP_E3631A' HP E3631A triple output DC power supply'HP_6614C' HP 6614C single-output 100V/0.5A DC power supply'HP_E3632A' HP E3632A DC power supply 15/30 V'HP_E3634A' HP E3634A DC power supply 25/50 V'HP_E3641A' HP E3641A DC power supply'HP_E3647A' HP E3647A dual output DC power supply (incl. TDS 340, TDS 540, TDS 744A)'HP_E3633A' HP E3633A DC power supply 8/20 V Other Instruments'HP_53132A' HP 53132A 225 MHz Universal Counter'KTH_236' Keithley 236/237/238 Source Measure Unit'KTH_2400' Keithley 2400 Source-Measure Unit (minimum functionality)'HP_4284A' HP 4284A LCR Meter'HP_3499B' Agilent 3499B Multiplexer'VH_2701C' Valhalla 2701C voltage calibrator'VH_2701B' Valhalla 2701B voltage calibrator (limited functionality)'OH_EXP' Ohaus Explorer precision balances (incl. Pro models)'ACT_3000' Acutronic 3000-series inertial test station controllerDocumentation for each instrument is in the code. Use the "Find" command or use the Cell menu in the MATLAB Editor (the "%%" menu) to jump to the code for a specific instrument, or use "showdemo kpib" to open the code in the Help browser.The device drivers are not complete; they are based on user needs. A code template is provided for adding other instruments or commands. See the comments ("showdemo kpib") for details. Note that the code assumes a single National Instruments PCI GPIB interface card, but this can be changed to other hardware supported by MATLAB, incl. USB, as well as serial port controllers (e.g. Prologix). See help for details. Feedback and contributions are welcome.Includes sample programs
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