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Akmin's Editlet - DHTML Edition

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Akmin's Editlet - DHTML Edition description
Editlet - DHTML Edition is a feature-rich cross-browser, cross-OS, IE 5.0+, Netscape 7.1 and Mozilla compatible, WYSIWYG HTML Rich-Text Editor written in DHTML/JavaScript. Editlet - DHTML Edition is flexible and allows for easy incorporation into existing products or services and integrates seamlessly with most current technologies. What's more, Editlet - DHTML Edition is entirely browser-based and does not require any client-side software installation or download. Editlet - DHTML Edition is a client-side browser based HTML editor that replaces the HTML textarea tag. Editlet - DHTML Edition poses as a form field that submits forms as simple, standards-compliant HTML code. This generated HTML code can then be saved as a plain text file or even in a database. Editlet - DHTML Edition can also preload a document and display it as soon as the page loads.
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