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Namo Web Editor Control

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Namo Web Editor Control description
Namo Web Editor Control 6 is an ActiveX control that enables Web application developers to offer rich document creation and uploading abilities to their site users, right in the browser. Users can format text, using HTML and CSS tags, create tables, and even add images, all in an intuitive visual editing window inside the browser window. Since Namo Web Editor Control 6 is based on the Namo WebEditor engine, users have access to nearly the entire range of commands and features in a powerful standalone authoring tool. Features:

Reduced Development Costs
Integrating Namo Web Editor Control into your content management or groupware system saves time and resources compared to developing an in-house solution for rich, HTML-based online content authoring. Take advantage of a proven engine based on Namo WebEditor, the powerful, popular standalone Web authoring tool. Disk Space
For Web service businesses, Namo Web Editor Control saves training and support costs compared to deploying standalone desktop Web authoring software. As an ActiveX control designed to operate seamlessly inside Internet Explorer, Namo Web Editor Control inherently avoids most of the system conflicts possible with standalone software, and its intuitive, focused interface means less time and money spent training your customers. As an added benefit, Namo Web Editor Control multi-user licenses cost significantly less per seat than equivalent site licenses for desktop software, so you can pass on to your customers a significant savings in software fees. Streamlined Workflow
With a strictly text-based Web application, it's difficult to accommodate the exercise of creative control by content authors in situations that require it: the content creator must communicate formatting instructions to the Web team by phone or e-mail, interrupting the normal workflow. Integrating Namo Web Editor Control into the application provides content creators the ability to implement content presentation decisions themselves whenever necessary. Ease of Integration
Namo Web Editor Control has been designed for maximum flexibility and ease of integration into existing Web applications. The powerful API leverages widely-adopted standards such as HTML, MIME, MHTML, VBScript, and JavaScript, minimizing development time and effort while providing complete control over the disposition of created content.Creative Freedom
The crude editing controls that ship with some CMS and Web groupware products offer little functionality for truly rich content authoring. Based on Namo WebEditor, the powerful and proven standalone Web authoring product, Namo Web Editor Control provides content authors with a complete set of creative tools for composing richly formatted, dynamic content. Full table formatting controls, image and multimedia object insertion, style sheets, and built-in preview are just a few of the available functions.
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