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important script information
company name:
Michael Robbins
license: Shareware
minimum requirements: MATLAB 6.5 (R13)
functional limitations:
graph_and_table_ description

Creates a graph and a data table below it. the table is put in an activex control using the column labels colheadNOTE: TO SEE AN EXAMPLE OF HOW TO USE THE MICROSOFT SPREADSHEET OBJECT, WHICH ALLOWS INPUTS AS WELL AS CALCULATIONS, SEE MY EXAMPLE CALLED "SPREADSHEET.M" WHICH IS AVAILABLE ON THE MATHWORKS FILE EXCHANGE: function is meant to be an example for CSSM and notto be used as is.It is meant to demonstrate ActiveX grid usage and works withMSFLEXGRID (which comes with Windows and doesn't allow editing)and SIMPLE GRID (which is available for free at ).Use 'SGRID' for the whichgrid parameter to usesimple grid, but you must first you must download it from the abovewebsite and register it. To register, find sgrid.ocx by clicking onthe windows start button and selecting "find". Change your directoryto its directory and type "regsvr32 sgrid.ocx"___________________ ____________________| / | | / | X Y ##| / / / /| | || || 1 1.0 ##| / / _// | || ||/|| 2 1.5 ##|_/_________________| || | | ||| 3 2.0 ##| X Y || || |/ | 4 1.6 ##| 1 1.0 || || | 5 2.0 ||| 2 1.5 ## | | 6 2.5 |||__3__2.0__________|| |_________|__7__2.3_||horizontal split vertical splitINPUTS DESCRIPTION DEFAULT VALUEx x data [1:10]y y data rand(size(x));colhead table header {'X','Y'};vertorhoriz vert or horiz split 0 %(vertical)figuretitle figure title 'graph_and_table'whichgrid MSFlexGrid or Simple Grid 'MSFlexGrid'OUTPUTS:h.fig handle to figureh.graph handle to graphh.line handle to data lineh.grid handle to grid objectUSAGE:x=1:10;y=rand(size(x));colhead={'X','Y'};vertorhoriz=0; verticalfiguretitle='graph_and_table';h=graph_and_table(x,y,colhead,vertorhoriz,figuretitle);vertorhoriz=1; horizontalh=graph_and_table(x,y,colhead,vertorhoriz,figuretitle);h=graph_and_table(x,y,colhead,vertorhoriz,figuretitle,'SGRID');See also: SPREADSHEET on the MATLAB File ExchangeIT'S NOT FANCY, BUT IT WORKS

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